List of Articles Written in The Past Two Years

We Pride Ourselves On Having One of the Biggest Databases of Information that Displays Intensive Data on General Marketing of Ebooks and Audiobooks. Below are the links to our blog pages that we have written in an easy-to-access manner. We are proud to release this information for free, and I welcome anybody who can bring… Continue reading List of Articles Written in The Past Two Years


Audiobooks, Ebooks, and Podcasts Software That Will Increase Sales

The Ebook industry is not the only place where money is increasing rapidly. In 2016 podcast revenue totaled $119 Million in revenue and it is expected to grow 85% in 2017— to $220 million. “WAIT! What does this have to do with audiobook, ebook or marketing?” You might ask…?

How To Market A Children’s Book and Statistics That Will Help Your Marketing Plan

Parents are essential to target when you are developing your social media plan and other advertising avenues. Compared to their kids, they have a higher percentage of picking out books that their children would like. Furthermore, they believe that educating a child about diversity, and positive lessons are important. The most popular types of books picked out by adults for their kids were ones that made you think and feel. The second largest category was books that would inspire their child to do something good. 13% of parents say they are looking for something that includes, “culturally or ethnically diverse storylines, setting or characters.” 21% of those who were questioned about diversity say books should include LGBTQ people.

Tactics and Statistics that Will Help You Market Your Ebook on Amazon and other Platforms

Our statistics show a very interesting trend. Although women buy and read more books than men, our data shows that most websites devoted to the promotion of author books and readers have a split audience. For example, a website called  has 59.93% males and 40.07% female audience. has 51.16% male audience and a 48.84% female audience. This is an ongoing trend throughout our research.