Collecting Valuable Marketing Data That Gives Security and Answers

How Does Collecting Our Marketing Data Give You Answers? How do we collect our information? Data collection is an important topic because you— as a marketer— bookseller— or reader— you want to make sure you are not wasting your money! Right?! Of course, you do… I am going to share one of the go-to tools thatContinue reading “Collecting Valuable Marketing Data That Gives Security and Answers”

Podcast: Audiobooks and Ebooks Sales Have Increased! Listen to our Podcast on Audio Platforms!

There are reasons that many people pick up books during the summer. For example, School is out, but there are other contributing factors such as summer vacations. It has long been known that summer are generally taken with more ease. Psychologist hypothesis that this time of year creates a more enlightened demeanor with conducting tasks.

Digital Media to Promote Ebooks, and Audiobooks! (Steps and Data)

How to Use Digital Media to Promote an E-Book or Audiobook in 2018 Do you think about the new ways to promote your upcoming E-Book or Audiobook? Are you confused about the “ways” to help a successful launch? We got you set right here! This article will guide you through the entire process on social media.Continue reading “Digital Media to Promote Ebooks, and Audiobooks! (Steps and Data)”

How to Ensure That Your Manuscript is Properly Edited

The Trust of the Editing World I have been editing multiple manuscripts since this business began.  Our sister website ( is already in place, as we get our main website calibrated ( Lorri Heneveld (my primary audiobook narrator) and I have recently discovered something frightening! Editing of manuscripts is pitiful! I am not talking aboutContinue reading “How to Ensure That Your Manuscript is Properly Edited”

Tactics and Statistics that Will Help You Market Your Ebook on Amazon and other Platforms

Our statistics show a very interesting trend. Although women buy and read more books than men, our data shows that most websites devoted to the promotion of author books and readers have a split audience. For example, a website called  has 59.93% males and 40.07% female audience. has 51.16% male audience and a 48.84% female audience. This is an ongoing trend throughout our research.