Elaborate Statistical Data and Analysis on How to Successfully Market Your Ebook on Facebook

Market Your ebook on Facebook– This Extremely Detailed Data Should Not be Overlooked!

Running a successful ad campaign on Facebook.

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How do I advertise on Facebook and what demographics do I choose for Facebooks ads in relations to getting people to notice my e-book? Do you want “likes” for your content, or are you trying to popularize a facebook website where you are sharing books? We have in-depth data that will give you a very good perspective on the figures and how to calibrate your ads. This includes a combination of multiple reports from different services but all information is compared to Facebook Users. The full report is being sent to email subscribers only and parts will trickle out over time. This is a summary of the report.

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Audiobooks and Where They Are Heading

This is a field that needs monumental attention. In the past year, audiobooks have grown big time! It is estimated that 26% of the American public has listened to an audiobook in the last 12 months. In fact, it has turned into a 2.5 billion dollar industry. In the last several years this industry has increased production of audiobooks by 29%. However, this is not just in America. New Zealand’s market has increased by 40%. Sweden’s market has gone from a growth of 30% to 40% as companies meet the demand of audiobook purchases. This field is going to keep increasing and companies are beginning to acknowledge this. This is a booming market! You need to pay attention to it!

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