Which is Better Draft2Digital or Smashwords

Should I use Draft2Digitl or Smashwords to Promote my Book? The following study was carried out over four weeks with the same book listed on two separate platforms. Both Amazon and ebook selling platforms were assessed. There are newly emerging platforms that offer distribution to various websites, such as, iTunes, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo, andContinue reading “Which is Better Draft2Digital or Smashwords”

How to Ensure That Your Manuscript is Properly Edited

The Trust of the Editing World I have been editing multiple manuscripts since this business began.  Our sister website (mynarrationstation.com) is already in place, as we get our main website calibrated (marketingindieauthors.com). Lorri Heneveld (my primary audiobook narrator) and I have recently discovered something frightening! Editing of manuscripts is pitiful! I am not talking aboutContinue reading “How to Ensure That Your Manuscript is Properly Edited”

Is Amazon the Best Platform For Your Ebook or Audiobook

Amazon is the Best? Yes, most of the blogs focus on Amazon, but almost all of the information has a general relation to other platforms. However, one reason I am hesitant to release data regarding other ebook and audiobook services is that because many of them are just beginning to evolve and the direction they areContinue reading “Is Amazon the Best Platform For Your Ebook or Audiobook”

Amazon- Ebooks- Audiobooks- False Reviews and New Policy- What You Should Know!

What You Should Know About Illegal Amazon Marketing I received a disturbing email from an author that claimed my analysis of the Kboards article was inaccurate because Amazon does not allow advertisement on third-party platforms. I am here to tell you she is 100% wrong and kboards is 100% acceptable to use for advertising. I willContinue reading “Amazon- Ebooks- Audiobooks- False Reviews and New Policy- What You Should Know!”

Tactics and Statistics that Will Help You Market Your Ebook on Amazon and other Platforms

Our statistics show a very interesting trend. Although women buy and read more books than men, our data shows that most websites devoted to the promotion of author books and readers have a split audience. For example, a website called http://www.discountbookman.com  has 59.93% males and 40.07% female audience. http://www.booksprout.com has 51.16% male audience and a 48.84% female audience. This is an ongoing trend throughout our research.