1. They charge e-books based on megabytes. This means that it is not worthwhile to publish books on Kindle that contain a lot of pictures or graphs. Their fees for file size can get costly and eliminate your income. Meanwhile, websites like Apple iBooks allow up to 2 Gigabytes of data without penalty. AND YES! What we are talking about applies to digital sales! It can go up to .30 cents a megabyte. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
  2. Exclusive or non-exclusive? Two words that most of us have heard over and over. So let’s explore something new— Exclusive increases royalties in territories that Amazon lists. Just because your non-exclusive does not eliminate money from those territories, it just reduces the commission. This can be significant because one territory includes India which is the second largest English speaking territory in the world. Total- the territories equal about half the size of America. Yes, they can be important! However, please note that people in these areas usually require marketing to pick up sales! It might surprise you how worthless those territories can be for many books.
  3. If you sign up for KDP Select and choose to give your book away free for a limited time- please register on websites that provide promotion to free books. There are many websites for this. This will help. However, there is a downside. Many people will tell you that free books no longer hold the golden touch that use too. Why? There are so many of them! In fact, people argue that Amazon’s algorithm no longer favor’s free book promotions.
  4. THIS IS A GOOD TIP! Offer to give away a book… this seems to be a good strategy. It is also a safe strategy. Amazon seems to be cracking down on authors using book hub and mailing lists. Giveaways can be effective and a tactic that is undervalued.



    There was an article that got my attention. I was observing a conclusion that experts made on the pictures people favored. These reports are monumentally crucial in the marketing businesses because we design photos for advertisement, videos, and cover art for ebooks, and audiobooks. Images can play a huge role in marketing, and those that are attracted to the image are equally valuable components. This paper is going to get technical, and I hope you read the full paper; to an odd conclusion. It is a conclusion that should be valued and assessed.

    After reading the initial article, I asked myself, “Who is this expert that is determining and giving values to individuals in regard to pictures?” I was lead to a second page and I finally had some substantial information when I landed on a third page. The third page had a report done by NPR which is known for its intense research. It spoke about a study that asked 166 Instagram users access to their pictures for analysis. They were using a computer algorithm in hopes to discover a pattern of depression within the user group based on photos. Not only did they analyze pictures to assess depression, but these users allowed the Harvard group permission to their medical diagnosis. According to this article and other supporting information, 70% of the data in images validated features that were common in individuals who had depression. They compared photos of those with clinically diagnosed depression to other images.

“In general, each one of these things has some relationship to what people have already found in studying depression,” says Andrew Reece, the lead author, and psychology and computational science graduate student at Harvard University.    

    As exciting as this is, being in marketing, I kept digging- I was looking for something particular. Although I value NPR and the reporting quality it offers; I would go straight to the source.

    I read the study associated with Cornell University and the premise for all of these articles; most poorly assessed. This leading university calculated that people who are depressed click on pictures that have lighter colors. This fact interested me because many reports show that book covers that are lighter in color or feature images of people produce greater sells. I understand that a person can connect with a picture of a person in the book, and this is a good attraction for sells. However, I have always been mystified by evidence that suggests books with light hues are popular because I don’t agree with all of the evidence.

    I did not imagine I would be writing this article because depression can be easily miscalculated. There was no basis for their evidence if the statistics are calculated on the general population. This would be a population that has high amounts of misdiagnoses. However, I was impressed to find that out of 50,371 patient outcomes; they calculated into their figures that 21.9% did not have depression. The study included the factor that misdiagnosing patients were common. With this calculation included I was very interested to find that the lighter colors and lighter hues were attributed to more depressed people. Are people with depression buying more books?

    Studies on this subject with any merit are nonexistent at this point. However, therapists actively promote reading to people with depression or anxiety. There is some fantastically well-collected evidence that shows reading can boost your mood. Also, I have found many individuals who claim that reading has improved their lives. Why is any of this important?

    If we can calculate that a majority of people with depression are buying particular books, this would be a valuable marketing tool. The idea that people strugglingly with depression are more apt to buy a book is a huge advantage. It can help structure the content of the cover image on the book and the actual technique of marketing.

About Us

We have the best of both worlds! What do I mean? Well, when it comes to ebook and audiobook publishing, we are more than prepared.

This began by Lorri H. when she started a small ebook narrating operation. I- [Max] – came to the platform where I invested time and energy into developing a marketing scheme. Although there are many ebooks and audiobooks platforms for creation… I realized that marketing in this area was scarce. I had previous marketing experience, and I have worked in literature. I knew the potential for growth was huge!

This marketing scheme really took off! Our profit percentage is over 1000% since the beginning days of the website. In fact, we have increased profits in every area. We have hired other narrators and staff because it can be challenging to meet the demand.

This sister website focuses on marketing, but we offer almost everything a writer could want… Editing, book covers, narration, marketing and we enjoy what we do. Although our two websites might seem at a distance- we are still very connected.

I have recently added a new team member who is going to run the marketing part of the business with me. Hunzala Rajput is excellent at social media and provides an exciting look into the process. I focus on marketing books based on platforms that most marketers overlook. With the two websites working together, we will continue to grow.

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Our Mission and What We Want For You

This Platform is Temporary While We Develop Our New Platform

Our goal is to create strategies that will make your e-book or audiobook successful.



Are you having trouble editing your book? Honestly, we have received a lot of manuscripts (Many published and listed on— our parent website), and 99% of them are not edited properly. Many of our clients have told us that their book went through editing, but we find lots of errors! One critical aspect when marketing your book is ensuring that it accurately edited. Nobody wants to stumble through a manuscript or audiobook that is not coherent!

Cover Art

We provide a book artist. He is extremely well accomplished and has been involved in the design of many covers. However, there is much more to a cover than just a pretty picture. Did you know that covers that are lighter in color are clicked on more? Or did you know that e-books and audiobooks dealing with personal issues are more successful when the cover has a picture of a person on it? Designing a cover is a significant process, and we ensure that it goes smoothly.


What about social media? A lot of people only use social media to market their ebook or audiobook. Yes, this is a great token, but we are involved in much more than that. We collect data on the best ebook websites to advertise, and these websites are custom picked to ensure success! However, we still have a social media marketing team and we are ramping up our efforts to expand these platforms.

Designing of a Website

Our staff also includes a person who is not only in marketing but specializes in the designing of websites. A Website can be an essential platform to gain momentum.


The narration of ebooks is one of our biggest focuses. Audiobooks have become a billion dollar industry and if they are adequately promoted; the potential for sells is enormous. We have several narrators and even an audio specialist that goes through the audiobooks and ensure high quality.

Amazon and ACX

There is something important that I would like you to note. Right now we primarily focus on Amazon and ACX. However, I am up to date on the many platforms that are evolving and discussing the potential for expansion is always on the table. We feel that the potential for most beginning authors is greatest on these two platforms.

Our Offer is Unbeatable

No other website gives you all of these features for an outstanding price. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. This is not a self-publishing website. We do not take your book and throw it out without even reading your material. No. We take our time and assess all manuscripts before giving you a quote. Most websites offering any of our services only want a credit card number. We take the time to ensure your ebook or audiobook is something we can work with and then develop a plan of action.

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Narrators, yes, I understand your frustration. I recently spoke with the owner of the parent site we are connected to. Her main job is to develop audiobooks. Our two narrators both use recording studios. Also, they go to great lengths to edit the material. Most people think it as simple as clicking a few buttons and reading the manuscript… guess what… it is nowhere near that easy. A lot of people are also under the impression that marketing requires a couple clicks and they are mystified by the fees we display. Well, I would like to assure you that the processes involved are both problematic. Today we are going to be talking about Narration:


All ABout MailChimp For Your Audiobooks and Ebooks. How to Market Your Book Correctly

Email marketing is a tactic that we sometimes use when promoting books, and the results can be very impressive. However, before I go into this subject and the first email campaign I ever conducted for a book— I want to address a particular question— the idea of buying email lists from companies. Is this Wise?

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Kboards is a moderately large website that boasts advertising success to marketers for Kindle readers. We, of course, have advertised books with them but before we get to that— let me give you some statistics about this website.

The following information is an analysis of January 2018 to March 2018, but the information is representative of long-term data.

They get an average of 1.215 million views each month (This has minimal fluctuation) and one item that makes them particularly successful is that individuals can visit this website from desktop and mobile devices. 66.41% of users come from desktops while 43.99% come from mobile phones. Another good factor is that the bounce rate is low— it resides at 30%. Unique visits rest at a tidy 128,541. On their website, they boast much higher statistics, but their facts are misleading. In regards to the category they are in, they rank 44,130. (Their Alexa rating does not line up with their claims either). Also, from data gathered, we believe that their profit from advertisement fell over 50% in the last month. Some statistics indicate that their profit declined over 75% in the last month. However, since we do not have access to their sales report we cannot say that this is a 100% factual observation.

Talk is cheap.

We were interested in several of the features that Kboard offered. The data we collected suggested that a lot of people on the website were seeking educational material. They wanted information on current topics. Therefore, we decided to launch a book associated with a purely academic subject. Although we felt that it would be a hard sell; at 2.99 it would generate a little bit of interest? The results were disappointing:

Two of the highlighted features was to be listed in an email and on Facebook. Being listed on Facebook seems like a good deal? After all, Facebook makes up 46.22% of all of the social media they receive. However, if you look further into the details you will discover that this number is not that great. Why? Social media makes up 1.78% of total desktop traffic. The email traffic is not something to boast about either.

There is another problem I foresee with their advertisement. Kboards releases this advertisement list on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. Although Tuesday is a usual day for releases of books, 4:00 p.m. is not the right time based on data we have collected. This means that if a person does not interact with an email or facebook add from 4:00 p.m. until they go to bed, their email is buried under many others early in the morning. (The latter data regarding time release is a trend we have noticed but not a cemented fact)

Are we going to advertise with them in the future? Yes! However, we are going to pay for the advertisement that costs more. This website can be a valuable asset, and ‘You get what you pay for.’ The 15 dollar payment would probably be good for free books, but when it comes down to payment and earning royalties regarding the 15 dollar fee— your out of luck on this one!

Ebooks From Amazon and Crazy Facts!

  1. They charge e-books based on megabytes. This means that it is not worthwhile to publish books on Kindle that contain a lot of pictures or graphs. Their fees for file size can get costly and eliminate your income. Meanwhile, websites like Apple’s iBooks allow up to 2 Gigabytes of data without penalty. AND YES! What we are talking about applies to digital sales! It can go up to .30 cents a megabyte. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

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Marketing is All About Data! I Decided to Share Some Information That Might Be Helpful!

Marketing is All About Data! I Decided to Share Some Information That Might Be Helpful!

  1. Are there certain days that are considered better to market and promote than others? You betcha there are! To begin, in everything I have done regarding marketing I have noticed certain trends. Certain days are more productive. I find these days to be Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In fact, on multiple platforms, including book marketing, early in the morning was the best time. However, would this correlate into Ebook and Audiobook Marketing statistics from major websites? According to Book Gorilla (A Major ebook marketing website), Mondays and Wednesdays have a sizably larger audience. In fact, the open rate average was 47.83 on weekdays. Weekends had the lowest open rates. This may sound surprising, but it gets even more twisted— Weekends had the lowest open rate of all but the highest amount of purchases and sales. Book Gorilla is one ebook company of many that show similar trends. Should we trust them and their results? Although they do have a steady schedule, a million and one factors exist that could affect the open rates but I find similar trends elsewhere. But what I find most assuring is using that information when I use Book Gorilla and I collect data on any other platform I might use.
  2. You must know who you are marketing too! This can be an important factor when writing the book or even designing the cover. First, multiple e-book platforms report that female readers are much higher than male. One statistics say that 85% of e-book readers are females. This alarming large statistic also seems to be true for audiobooks. Another constant theme is that Sci-fiction and Romance seem to be very popular. This also is true for audiobooks (Especially for the Sci-fi category).
  3. I am going to leave you with one last fact before the conclusion. News Corp published a book that sold more than 490,000 ebook copies of their print version. However, what is even more astounding is that 470,000 ebooks units were sold. In other words— STAY ON THE TREND!

So is social media the answer? Sometimes SMM can provide outstanding results, but I see equal, if not better results with marketers who use both ebooks, and audiobook platforms to advertise to consumers. The best strategy is not a simple answer. No. It is built on the compiling of data that shows you where your readers are, and how to market to them. There is no one answer. If you are looking for something simple that will work every time— that just doesn’t exist. You might find a platform that increases sales but data is at the heart of really ramping up your marketing.

Kind Regards,