Audiobooks, Ebooks, and Podcasts Software That Will Increase Sales

Software For Ebooks Promotion, Audiobook and how Podcasts Will Increase Sales

This is the second year (2016) that audiobook purchases increased. They grew 20% percent from 2015 and represented 1.77 billion dollars in assets. The great leap in profit has to lead you wondering what is the best way to create and market an audiobook effectively? We will discuss software and podcasts.

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Collecting Valuable Marketing Data That Gives Security and Answers

How Does Collecting Our Marketing Data Give You Answers?

How do we collect our information? Data collection is an important topic because you— as a marketer— bookseller— or reader— you want to make sure you are not wasting your money! Right?! Of course, you do… I am going to share one of the go-to tools that we use when analyzing ebook platforms to obtain accurate data.

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Podcast: Audiobooks and Ebooks Sales Have Increased! Listen to our Podcast on Audio Platforms!

Summer is Hitting— Sales Increasing— And With This in Mind— Audio is HOT! Audiobook and Ebook Sales

Scroll down to the bottom of the PodBean cast and listen to the PodCast   <– please check this out! LISTEN ON ITUNES HERE –> Itunes link!

In the podcast link, there is a short discussion and introduction to the value of summer and the revenue that will be generated. However, it is mostly a discussion on audio platforms that work for narrators. This article contains information that is not in the podcast.  It is a ten-minute discussion that goes into depth regarding audio platforms you probably have never considered. I hold a conversation with the narrator who manages our parent website.

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How To Market A Children’s Book and Statistics That Will Help Your Marketing Plan

Statistics That Will Help You Market a Children’s Book

Book Riot released statistics that show that 47% of reading occurs in the summer (all data was cross-referenced and compared to statistics we have obtained). This is a time to take advantage of readers but guess what, the spike in readers during the summer primarily consists of children 6-17. This report is comprised of over 15 sources that provide the latest and most accurate data. The data in this report will help you target readers for children books. How do you write a book for a younger audience unless you know the statistics behind the scene? (Links to many of the sources are at the bottom of the page.)

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Elaborate Statistical Data and Analysis on How to Successfully Market Your Ebook on Facebook

Market Your ebook on Facebook– This Extremely Detailed Data Should Not be Overlooked!

Running a successful ad campaign on Facebook.

If you are bored by numbers– Skip to the Conclusion

How do I advertise on Facebook and what demographics do I choose for Facebooks ads in relations to getting people to notice my e-book? Do you want “likes” for your content, or are you trying to popularize a facebook website where you are sharing books? We have in-depth data that will give you a very good perspective on the figures and how to calibrate your ads. This includes a combination of multiple reports from different services but all information is compared to Facebook Users. The full report is being sent to email subscribers only and parts will trickle out over time. This is a summary of the report.

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Digital Media to Promote Ebooks, and Audiobooks! (Steps and Data)

How to Use Digital Media to Promote an E-Book or Audiobook in 2018

Do you think about the new ways to promote your upcoming E-Book or Audiobook? Are you confused about the “ways” to help a successful launch? We got you set right here! This article will guide you through the entire process on social media. Keep in mind that there is not a magical formula for overnight success; in fact, it requires consistent efforts and the proper application of the process, but this guideline will help.

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How to Ensure That Your Manuscript is Properly Edited

The Trust of the Editing World

I have been editing multiple manuscripts since this business began.  Our sister website ( is already in place, as we get our main website calibrated ( Lorri Heneveld (my primary audiobook narrator) and I have recently discovered something frightening!

Editing of manuscripts is pitiful! I am not talking about just little grammatical errors like even I occasionally make; we are finding that almost all of the manuscripts we have worked on have had massive amounts of grammatical errors. This is understandable because these books are freshly-written, and it’s the first time they’ve been reviewed by an editor— right?— wrong!

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Is Amazon the Best Platform For Your Ebook or Audiobook

Amazon is the Best?

Yes, most of the blogs focus on Amazon, but almost all of the information has a general relation to other platforms. However, one reason I am hesitant to release data regarding other ebook and audiobook services is that because many of them are just beginning to evolve and the direction they are heading is not a certainty.

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An Underestimated Way to Advertise Ebooks and Audiobooks!

Something Most People Never Consider

There is a platform that is rarely discussed in the marketing of ebooks and audiobooks. It is a growing platform that should be used much more as a platform for selling your material. It averages 25.25 billion views a month and is the second largest search engine. Last month visits were up 12%. Few people know how to leverage views and it is not for every book, but it can be highly useful for many. The bounce rate is at 27.1%, mobile and desktop usage is almost split, but most importantly— 16.34% of views come from America. Although this A LOT of people, there Is something to consider regarding your ebook or audiobook… Could I speak to other audiences interested in my subject?

Now you are probably wondering what website I am speaking about? You may have an idea… this full report is being released to email subscribers only…


Amazon- Ebooks- Audiobooks- False Reviews and New Policy- What You Should Know!

What You Should Know About Illegal Amazon Marketing

I received a disturbing email from an author that claimed my analysis of the Kboards article was inaccurate because Amazon does not allow advertisement on third-party platforms. I am here to tell you she is 100% wrong and kboards is 100% acceptable to use for advertising. I will give you a link at the bottom to add assurance.

Amazon recently released information that particular third-party websites were considered illegal by their terms. Why is this? Well, a few websites required that you write a set amount of reviews before enabling the reviewer access to all of the tools on the website. Amazon is not against ads on other websites, nor are they against the promotion of your book. But they do have a problem that they insist be addressed. They fear that customers will be swayed to write a positive review based solely on website’s forcefully nature to do so or websites inept nature of encouraging and guaranteeing some form of positive reviews. The evidence overwhelmingly suggests that these type of platforms give much higher ratings to books than the average consumer would give.

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