Exclusive Data and Reports on Amazon

Yes, we have many exclusive reports on Amazon. We are going to discuss the critical issues that need to be addressed, and we have acquired data through our paid platforms. I am going to share screenshots from many of the statistical findings. However, we need to discuss some problems that should have been spoken about long ago.

And by the way, no we have not forgotten about you guys. We actually have many articles that have yet to be posted because we want to be 100% accurate. I have halted many articles written by a variety of staff because we are still trying to evaluate it. Information is power! We are still gathering data!

I would like you guys to watch a video that we made that displays why we are against freelancers using Facebook. Addmitily, we always test Facebook, BUT we rarely spend money on Ads. If we do spend revenue on ads, it is a minimal amount that is targeted very accurately. Before we begin marketing, we do hours of research that helps us understand who to focus on, where, and a variety of factors that is intended to gather results through information. A freelance marketer is going to waste money using Facebook unless they have guidance from somebody specializing in book marketing (There are very few educated book marketers out there, and even they will have a difficult time). Furthermore, we have been doing this for a very long time, and it is not something a typical marketer is capable enough to generate successful results. We are actually currently testing out a process on Facebook that we believe actually might prove profitable and it is something that the average person could operate with better ease. These results and specifications will come in in the next several months. I would like to stress that we do engage in Facebook when dealing with book publishing companies, and sometimes with authors who have an established reputation or several books released.

Spreading Your Book Across Platforms, Prices and Amazon Has Hidden Fees

Now for some exclusive data that might help you understand the strength of Amazon. The truth is that I run into many people who think that spreading their books across platforms will bring in more customers. Logically, placing a book onto a lot of different platforms would be more beneficial? Right? No! If you are a first-time author or a low sell volume author, stick to Amazon, and go Amazon exclusive. You gain 70% royalties in countries other than America (this can be very good sometimes, but I will admit, bringing in revenue from other countries can be a bit of a challenge). You need to initially price your book no more than 2.99. Preferably- you should price it at .99 cents as you build up reviews. Now, here is a big problem that needs to be discussed because Amazon has hidden fees. The only way you can come across many of their extra charges is by reading the contract (Which I did and dozed off many times through it). While they claim to cover a lot of the costs because they hold the job as the publisher and seller, it is not always the case. Amazon charges your ebook based on how many megabytes it is. This means that if you have a lot of pictures than it costs a lot more. There is a solution. If you chose 35% royalties, they wave the megabyte fee and if you need to calculate it then use the calculator provided in the link. It may surprise you, but if you have a 20-megabyte file, you would actually make more at 35% with Amazon than you would at 70%. Now, if Amazon is taking so much away– what is stopping you from using a platform like Smashwords? Well, I guess nothing but it is tricky. As mentioned in previous articles, the platform decides the percentage they take from the book provided by a third party seller and then that seller takes a portion of that. It often is not worth it, but that’s just the beginning. Amazon owns this market and platforms catering to ebook readers almost entirely focus on the promotion of Amazon books. A report that is going to be released shortly showed that when we ran books through Barnes and nobles, iTunes, and a variety of other platforms; the results were far worse than when we used Amazon. This was regardless of their genre.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 9.57.52 AM

Are You Nuts? Why Would I lower My Price?

Why do I suggest lowering the price of your book substantially if you are the first-time author? While 9.99 would be much more profitable, everything is based on supply and demand. Build up reviews and increase sales rank before raising the price. 2.99 is a widely accepted figure, and although Amazon says that this is the best price for a book, I don’t believe that for numerous reasons. Nevertheless, everybody else has accepted this and platforms catering to readers often insist that you do not price your book higher than 2.99. A tactic that was mentioned before and I will suggest again; if you have several books, it would be wise to remove one of them from KDP select and make it free. In many cases, I have seen some significant benefit from the proposed tactic. Mainly if your book is a series. Give them a taste of what you have and then let them buy more.

Bad Books Are Everywhere!

95% of the books out there are not worth readers time. You may be surprised how many clients come to us and insist that we make their book with the terms that it becomes a New York Times bestseller list. It happens more than you would imagine! One woman actually told us that she wanted her book made into a feature film. When we hear that, we instantly refer them to another publisher. While we can provide you with a platform that will generate a lot of buzz, professional reviews of your book, blog posts, author interviews, guest post and more, it is beyond doubt that the book will be making millions of dollars. In fact, I know before I read the book, the odds are that our promotional efforts are going to be great, but not make it on New Your Times bestseller list (Although we always hope for that possibility). Also, our experience is that clients that demand this in the first 30 seconds of speaking with them are going to be trouble. I stated this before, and I will repeat it: We refuse the vast majority of manuscripts that we receive. People don’t want to read crap. We can’t successfully market a book with typos, tense changes, and disruptive flow. Be careful when you are polishing your writing to ensure that it is done by a professional. While it may be expensive, I seriously suggest you pay Grammarly to have a professional edit it. Spending money on a book that nobody wants to read is not worth the time? Right! Well, guess what Amazon is banking on money whether it is an awful book or not- they know that friends and family members will buy the book regardless of how disastrous it is. This brings us to another point. Why do some platforms offer more money?

Which Platform Should I Chose To Promote My Book On?

Some platforms do legitimately offer a higher percentage. While a first-time author is very unlikely to succeed on these platforms, the incentive to use a platform that pays higher makes sense. Right? Wrong! These platforms are owned by major companies, and they all have marketing strategies. They are trying to compete with Amazon, and by offering you higher revenue, they gain a possibility of some sales that are better than no sales at all. They are just using a marketing tactic and manipulating customers. Do you honestly think that the giant billion dollar companies feel sympathetic towards readers and are offering them a good deal from the goodness of their heart? No, they do it because they are desperate for more books and the possibility of more sales as they fight the most significant book industry of all- Amazon. You may think many of Amazon’s policies are entirely utter nonsense. Guess what— they are aware of this, but I have watched them over the years (I worked for Amazon Seller Central for a very long time), and they do not alter their formula until they squeezed the last penny out of what they can. They are excellent at making strategies to monopolize the market, frustrate people, but still make them the ultimate choice for sales and publication. I predict that they will continue to monopolize the market. However, I have been paying close control to Google books, and while they are minimal, I do predict them to rise quite quickly. Data analysis that we perform shows that they are growing in leaps and bounds. What their future will have is yet to be determined.

Graphs of Amazon Performance and Data of Their Overall Strength

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 2.14.02 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 2.12.36 PM


Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 2.12.02 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 2.13.04 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 2.13.14 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 2.14.02 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 2.14.20 PM

Editing Books, and the Release of Data About a Marketing Platform for Books

How Important Getting an Editor for Your Book is

While we haven’t posted an article in a while, yes, we are still alive and functioning. So why haven’t we been posting blogs? The simple fact is that we continue to collect data to provide you with the most accurate information available. Doing this requires us to test out ebook platforms and marketing methods not once, or twice, but several times, until we can ensure that the data we report is beyond accurate! However, there is some news to share and a matter that needs addressing…

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We Pride Ourselves On Having One of the Biggest Databases of Information that Displays Intensive Data on General Marketing of Ebooks and Audiobooks.


Below are the links to our blog pages that we have written in an easy-to-access manner. We are proud to release this information for free, and I welcome anybody who can bring challenging arguments against these statistics. All of the information has been verified by multiple sources and tested by our technicians.


  • Which is better Draft to Digital or Smashwords? This question had been brought up to many times. My answer was always- be very careful. However, we took it a step forward and engaged on both platforms. Read the results





  • Statistics that will help you market a children’s book. It is stuffed with valauble information and we do look at simply once source. We combine dozens of researched tools with information that solidifies our stats as facts! Check it out!


  • We do recommend you market book facebook, at least not alone. However, we present valauble data that displays the proper tools to go about marketing it in this manner. Please pay attention to the whole article. It can be viewed here


  • How to use digital media to promote your ebook or audiobook. Digital media is not only successful with ebooks, but it is coming to be the standard with most platforms. Check it out!


  • Is Amazon the best way to advertise your ebook or audiobook? We talk about Smashwords and Draft2Digital in the above article. Here we will discuss Amazon in Length. Give it a read!


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  • I bet you never knew how important book covers are! Of course, they need to be appealing but it goes far beyond that and our statistical data will show you how intensively difficult this process can be. Click here to read!


  • The subtitle Regarding are ACX blog is a little misleading because we talk about the difficulties that ACX presents and other platforms that you might be interested in! Check it out here!


  • All about MailChimp for audiobooks and ebooks! The statistics in this one might shock you! Take advantage of your website and this free service. Read more about it here.


  • We discuss promotion on Kboards. A lot of factors play a role in the amount of attention you get on this platform. We have investigated over 4 dozen platforms in the 6 months. The data presented here released before it should have it been but we stand by our results. We do not just present to you other people’s words or statistics. We run advertisements on all of these platforms. Read here.


  • Did you know that Amazon provides the different territories that your book will be represented in? But I bet you have no idea of what is detailed in this blog. Give it a read here.


  • When publishing on Amazon there are many factors that most people are unaware of. For example, they charge by the megabyte. This can have a huge effect if your book contains pictures. Read about it here.


  • We talk about Book Gorilla advertising platform and list statistics that very few people are aware. It will help you target your audience. It even lists some of the best days for book promotion.  Read Here!



  • Audiobooks and where they are headed. Like all articles, we produce it is heavily detailed and combines information from our own sources and sources that we value. This information is vital for those who are producing Audiobooks! Read All About it!

Our Mission and What We Want For You

This Platform is Temporary While We Develop Our New Platform

Our goal is to create strategies that will make your e-book or audiobook successful.



Are you having trouble editing your book? Honestly, we have received a lot of manuscripts (Many published and listed on www.mynarrationstation.com— our parent website), and 99% of them are not edited properly. Many of our clients have told us that their book went through editing, but we find lots of errors! One critical aspect when marketing your book is ensuring that it accurately edited. Nobody wants to stumble through a manuscript or audiobook that is not coherent!

Cover Art

We provide a book artist. He is extremely well accomplished and has been involved in the design of many covers. However, there is much more to a cover than just a pretty picture. Did you know that covers that are lighter in color are clicked on more? Or did you know that e-books and audiobooks dealing with personal issues are more successful when the cover has a picture of a person on it? Designing a cover is a significant process, and we ensure that it goes smoothly.


What about social media? A lot of people only use social media to market their ebook or audiobook. Yes, this is a great token, but we are involved in much more than that. We collect data on the best ebook websites to advertise, and these websites are custom picked to ensure success! However, we still have a social media marketing team and we are ramping up our efforts to expand these platforms.

Designing of a Website

Our staff also includes a person who is not only in marketing but specializes in the designing of websites. A Website can be an essential platform to gain momentum.


The narration of ebooks is one of our biggest focuses. Audiobooks have become a billion dollar industry and if they are adequately promoted; the potential for sells is enormous. We have several narrators and even an audio specialist that goes through the audiobooks and ensure high quality.

Amazon and ACX

There is something important that I would like you to note. Right now we primarily focus on Amazon and ACX. However, I am up to date on the many platforms that are evolving and discussing the potential for expansion is always on the table. We feel that the potential for most beginning authors is greatest on these two platforms.

Our Offer is Unbeatable

No other website gives you all of these features for an outstanding price. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. This is not a self-publishing website. We do not take your book and throw it out without even reading your material. No. We take our time and assess all manuscripts before giving you a quote. Most websites offering any of our services only want a credit card number. We take the time to ensure your ebook or audiobook is something we can work with and then develop a plan of action.

  • M.T.B.

Advertising Your Book With Facebook or Instigram

 Are you marketing your book through Facebook and Instagram? You should read this article.

I have never been a fan of marketing books via Facebook or Instagram. Instagram might be cheap, gain a lot of attention, but that doesn’t always equal revenue. Facebook offers a higher chance of conversion, but I have never thought either would be very beneficial. However, like everything that is posted on this website, we present our own results and don’t merely speculate.

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