Inkitt Struck Gold For Authors

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Inkitt is Gold for Authors

I have a website GOLD for authors. If you are curious about what type of readers want your books or short stories, this is a must!! It allows authors to discover their audience. The website has a lot to do before I would consider it fully operational. They need to allow readers the capability to read without signing up directly. Their updates have been positively fascinating because they give author’s information about their audience. What is the information they give?

They have the technology to analyze who reads your book by showing – gender, the speed in which readers goes through your book, a graph that displays how many stories were read, chapters of the book read per reader, age, location, and this data is provided without a fee.

With this information like this, you can understand who your audience is and how to go forward with your stories. Understanding this information is valuable in marketing an author’s work. I have been writing lots of short stories, and that allows me to cultivate data about my audience. Why write something that nobody will read?

If you have a chapter book, you will know which chapters are skipped or read. This data will show if people finish your book or if they stop reading at a certain point. It gives you all of this data! The software isn’t perfect, but it is a step in the right direction. Analyzing this can be effective in growing an audience.

Getting Noticed on Inkitt

How do I get my book noticed on Inkitt? How do I get readers to look at my stories? Yes, you can send your collected emails to this website, and this will give you a wonderful bump in understanding your audience. Remember, that reader’s have to sign up and not all of your fans will do this.

If you do not have an email list, what do you do? That is fine too. Tweet your stories, place them on Facebook, or share them in a Facebook group. The most successful way of getting readers is by going to Inkitt’s Facebook page and posting your book to readers. This feature will boost your reads substantially!

Continually Visit Inkitt

You also need to visit the website and check your data a couple times a week. While I have no hard facts to confirm the following, I believe they give book priority based on the activity of the individual on the website. By continually visiting Inkitt, looking at data, posting in the blogs section, and perusing some activity, your book is more likely to be read. You are also establishing yourself on the platform!

How is This Data Valuable

The data this website collects will allow you to pinpoint your audience and write in a way that directly narrows in on the most popular style and format to gain attention. You can compare your paranormal horror book to a horror romance you wrote (for example). This data is gold when you market your books. I am a big proponent of using tools like Google Analytics, but if you don’t like those platforms… OR if you want something more direct, this is it! If you already know who your audience is; it makes the process much easier. Go Inkitt!

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