Real Secrets to Making Your Writing Sell

I Market Books and Now Market My Works As An Active Author

Okay, I promised everybody that I would update you on how I’m marketing my work as an active author. I am going to demonstrate that I can use my own techniques to be successful. When I ran a book marketing agency. People the team dealt with were particularly difficult because they did not understand or/nor accept basic concepts. Their logic is they have a good book. Put it on Amazon and watch the money flow in. It doesn’t work like that. The average cost for a book launch is 5,000 dollars but I have both displayed and spoken of ways to successfully lower costs. This is going to be the ultimate guide to spending very little and obtaining excellent results. I am going to do it and not just write about it. In my business, I did everything I could to help authors profit. In this current era, well-written books alone cannot sell— marketing is necessary! However, no crappy book is going to Sell regardless of how much money is sunk Into marketing. Let’s get this article moving on and start getting to points that people are unaware of!

Proof of Success and Describing The Process

If you follow my website religiously, you know I practice what I preach! I closed the marketing business and began developing literature that has become enormously popular for a beginning author. What I wanted to do is gain as much attention as I could for the least amount of money. It’s not a scam, I am asking for anything. I will document what I did to achieve my current success and ongoing fan attention. I will be offering proof that I am actually prevailing in the book market. We will go article by article describing how to get to a point where you can successfully market your content. This is for avid writers looking for a way to get noticed and ultimately, have an income. There is only two requirement to succeed at what I’m doing. You have to write well and have the time. Let me first provide proof that I am not giving you bulling.

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(Subscribers from Various websites that accept my new writing. A month ago I had ZERO)


Step ONE: What You Write Matters | GENRE

Some of you may be disappointed to know that some categories are now going to sell on a broad level. You need to narrow your audience. While you might think this limits people, it usually limits competition and if your content is good– you will do well. What did I capitalize on? I am a very dark person and my writing mimics very depressing topics so I am identified as a dark author. However, this wasn’t narrow enough. To narrow it even further, I focused all of my writing on the LGBT category. This meant rewriting a lot of my work to feature an LGBT theme. Yes, it was a lot of extra work but the results were favorable. My identity is what I plan to capitalize on. It is a wise idea to associate yourself with something unique. The truth is that focusing on romance would have developed my fan base even quicker but sometimes a writer has to stand next to what they believe they are good at.

Aside from establishing a firm identity, you must also choose an area that will get results. You want to know what is booming the most? Romance. It is extremely easy to grow an audience with well written romantic literature. Paranormal, sicence-fiction, horror, are all good categories to investigate. However, if you’re looking only to profit, there is no question that romance is what you should invest your time in.


In many article, I discuss this but I have to reiterate the point because it is important. I look at covers that cost a fortune to make but they will never get results. Do not make your cover “busy.” I place attractive people on each of my book covers with the title easily legible. Places that I submit the writing bring immediate success compared to covers that have incoherent titles and a swirl of different images. People like to identify with other people and this is a strategy used by a lot of book marketing firms– Especially in the romance category. I also suggest you change your cover to black and white if it looks favorable. It doesn’t always work but it can have very positive results. There is no need to hire somebody to make your cover. At you can buy pictures too -place as your cover for almost no money. Both Mac and PC have programs that will allow you to easily make your professional qualified If you are unable to do this then use Fivver.

MailChimp or MailerLite To Grow as an Author

Once you have these things estabalished it is time to begin growing your email list. Having a large email list of subscribers who like your material allows for potential sales. MailChimp is often used but at the rate growth you will want, the prices are not economical. I use Mailerlite. Sign up for Mailerlite and then signup for a website that is going to launch you into the first stage of a beginning author. was previously called Instafreebie. This website allows users to sign up on your mailing list. If they like your work you will be able to contact them with upcoming events, books, stories, and anything else. You gain their emails by submitting your story lots of different contests. If people like what you write they will subscribe to you. When I was at this stage I had 0 followers and this was about a month ago. My fan base has grown substantially in less than two months thanks to You want to do the best you can to angle some of your work so that you can enter Romance contests.

What if I Have One Book?

If you have one book submit it to all the contests but I do something different to increase the rate of my fanbase growth. It works. I write a lot of short stories and submit my work to dozens and dozens of contests where I sometimes obtain 200 downloads in three days. This is where I would begin. I would not worry about a website, publication on Amazon or anything else. Right now you need to concern yourself with growing your base and gaining momentum. Don’t worry, a lot more is going to occur as you gain momentum. We will get to all of that, however, I don’t want to overwhelm people with information. This article describes some basic strategies I have used to obtain far over 500 subscribers in less than 2 months. I get emails from some of my readers expressing their joy in reading my work. It is very satisfying. For 20 dollars a month— it is a good deal. When you have a new short story to place on the website, also send an email and your base will usually turn out in heavy numbers. Make sure you send emails to your base on weekdays and before 11:00 a.m.













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