Real Secrets to Making Your Writing Sell

I Market Books and Now Market My Works As An Active Author

Okay, I promised everybody that I would update you on how I’m marketing my work as an active author. I am going to demonstrate that I can use my own techniques to be successful. When I ran a book marketing agency. People the team dealt with were particularly difficult because they did not understand or/nor accept basic concepts. Their logic is they have a good book. Put it on Amazon and watch the money flow in. It doesn’t work like that. The average cost for a book launch is 5,000 dollars but I have both displayed and spoken of ways to successfully lower costs. This is going to be the ultimate guide to spending very little and obtaining excellent results. I am going to do it and not just write about it. In my business, I did everything I could to help authors profit. In this current era, well-written books alone cannot sell— marketing is necessary! However, no crappy book is going to Sell regardless of how much money is sunk Into marketing. Let’s get this article moving on and start getting to points that people are unaware of!

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