The beginning of the Blog for REAL ACTIVE AUTHORS

This is For Active Writers Looking for Guidance! I have good news!

(Not for One Time Authors)

This is the start for a category dedicated to authors who want to make a career out of writing.

To begin, I have ended my business. After conducting book marketing for a lengthy period of time I was able to gather a fund that is now driving my real desire— selling my own books. I needed a sufficient amount of money before I could embark on this journey because it is not a one-step process. For a long time, I have given people advice on this blog on how to make your book successful and I stand by that advice. However, there are methods and information that is needed for an author to be successful. This is geared to authors who are frequently creating new material. This blog and subjects are not for the one-time author. This blog and the provided data and advice go together. However, if you are a very active writer, this always needs to be step one! I am going to begin a new tab that will be about what I am perusing that is certain to drive sales. If you are an author that is making book after book, this is for you!

So what is my miraculous advice? I know your hesitant to believe there is an answer here… but there are answers… however, they may not be easy answers…  Let’s first talk about what I have done at the beginning of my start in gaining a following. I have written many short stories that I have posted in order to obtain email addresses. The website that I am about to give you is a gold mine but only if use it right. So, please, pay attention to this article. was recently sold to a company named This company does the author an amazing service! You can post your book or stories and people will eagerly sign up for the mailing list you provide. The two main forms of email collection are used with mailerlite and MailChimp. While we have all heard of mail chimp, I personally recommend mailerlite because it is much more affordable as you get involved. (An article on the two will be written) There are reasons to use different ones…

So, why have I been writing lots of short stories? One main reason. I can enter them all over the website and get lots of responses. This quickly builds my mailing list. Sometimes I get 50 signups in one day and sometimes only 10. They also allow users to register through the website and receive notifications on new posts. Those who sign up in this way are not included in the mailing list you send out. For each new story I have written, I have provided a cover (I will write an article on easy ways to make free covers) that I know will sell and I attach it to my email. I have sent many emails with new short stories. From the emails I send to my subscribers, I have received over a 95% open rate and a 65% or higher CTR. What is my point?

My building an email list, you are building a fan base and it is a good way of selling books. All my short stories are free and I intend to write a large amount of free short stories as I build my email database. I work with somebody who is very popular on Amazon. All of her books are #1 in the categories she is listed in. She started the same way I have begun but now has over 10,000 dedicated subscribers. Around an average of  5% – 10% of them purchase the book but that is a huge amount of sales. One item to consider is KDP select. She writes long romance novels (The most successful way and easiest way is to write romance and an article will be written on this) and a huge portion of her income is provided by Amazon KDP select reader’s that view her book for free. While she makes a sufficient amount of money, it is continuing to grow. Her website is popular and increasing in size all the time!


  If you are a writer and want to get into the game, focus on what I am saying. Write some books and involve yourself in this website. It costs 20 dollars a month but it is the best 20 dollar I have ever spent (I am not associated with the website and have nothing to gain by advocating their benefits). I have been in the program for a little over a month and have over 500 subscribers from several short stories I have composed. Start building now! The truth is marketing your one book in the ways provided on this website are excellent in generating income. However, if you want to make money in writing, this is the more realistic avenue but it consists of continual outflow of manuscripts.  If you are an author that wants to continually manufacture stories, Novels, Non-fiction— whatever it might be, start by looking at this website. This is the beginning of what will be lots of articles dedicated not to the one-time-author but to the authors that want to make a name for themselves and who have continually tried to sell book(s) with little success. I will give you the answers that I find useful and I want nothing in exchange. Surprising? I guess it might be with all the self-publishing scams and get rich schemes people offer. The truth is- I am sharing what I know. This is also very time consuming and difficult. Keep that in mind. I would like to further warn you that your books and short stories have to meet a standard. The people need to like them and the biggest flaw you could make is sending something that is not edited properly. I am very poor at editing and have somebody go through my pieces for me. They catch most of the major mistakes. Readers don’t mind a few mistakes but if they cannot understand what you are putting on paper— you haven’t a chance. I am guessing if you are a writer who is continually pumping out new books, you know a thing or two about editing. This is the start for a category dedicated to authors who want to make a career out of writing.


That picture is just the total of my mailerlite subscribers. With the combination of the website feature of subscription, I have over 500 followers. Done in less than 2 months. 

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