Editing Books, and the Release of Data About a Marketing Platform for Books

How Important Getting an Editor for Your Book is

While we haven’t posted an article in a while, yes, we are still alive and functioning. So why haven’t we been posting blogs? The simple fact is that we continue to collect data to provide you with the most accurate information available. Doing this requires us to test out ebook platforms and marketing methods not once, or twice, but several times, until we can ensure that the data we report is beyond accurate! However, there is some news to share and a matter that needs addressing…

90% of our clients have poorly written manuscripts. Yet almost all of these authors have paid for editing! The truth is that many of these editing jobs are being done by individuals who are overseas and by people who have a very poor grasp on the English language. Before you choose your editor— thoroughly research them. You need to review what other individuals have said about the job quality of your potential editor. We reject far more books than we accept and it is for a simple reason— poor editing equals low sells. Regardless of how magnificent your marketing campaign is or your book– nobody is going to want to read a story filled with errors. Readers want to be able to glide through the pages with ease.

People who get their books edited on Upwork, Guru, Freelancer and similar websites where a large pool of people compete for these jobs are generally getting bad deals. While a low editing price may sound good on these websites; there is an old adage— you get what you pay for. Unless you have a background in English, you are unlikely to catch many of the flagrant errors. Yes, it may be cheaper but if your book is poorly written, all of your efforts, time and money spent are done in vain! Therefore, I encourage individuals to seek editors that have been given good reviews to ensure quality work can be produced.

The Fussy Librarian, Book Covers, and Prices

For general marketing of a book, we have had great success with the https://www.thefussylibrarian.com/ . However, I would like to insert that we have mostly run campaigns with them during the free promotional trail of Amazon books, but for the money spent and the results— it is superior for most genres. Further statistics will be released but I can say that their collective methods of getting readers to your book are efficient so far by our calculations. Now, you might say, ‘well that is great that they provide results during the free five-day trial but what about after that.’ I would like to note that an average of one in ten readers posts reviews (Average). Therefore, based on the number of people who have read during this free promotional trail, you can calculate the average reviews you should receive. If you have obtained little or no reviews— many people do not want to hear this— BUT, the book might not be what the consumer is looking for.

We frequently run into author’s that do not want to change the title of their book or their cover image despite our insistence. I have no motive in this suggestion other than to proliferate the sales of these individual’s books. While a cover and title might be meaningful to you— think from the reader’s perspective. A reader typically wants a title that they can easily read and understand what the book is about in that split second. They do not have the attention span to dive into the book and understand why you have chosen the title. This is also true for book covers. While a particular book cover might look great to you and is personally meaningful; think about the reader and what is going on in their mind

Another issue that I can report in full is about pricing! Our Clients often insists on higher prices without realizing the severity of the high price. While, yes, 9.99 for an ebook would most certainly bring in more revenue— it is all about supply and demand. If your book has no reviews and you are charging 9.99 than the chances of numerous sales is very low (This is not always true academic books where information is considered harder to find). However, if you are writing a fiction book and charging 9.99 the chances of sales diminish. You might sell 10 books in one month while at .99 cents or 2.99 you will sell 200 books (This also equates to more reviews). People on Amazon are looking for good deals. There is no question about that. Another interesting fact is that people who pay for your book are more likely to leave reviews. Do not forget to place a call-to-action at the end of the book. This may surprise you but writing on the last page, “Please Review This Book,” can get results.

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