Advertising Your Book With Facebook or Instigram

 Are you marketing your book through Facebook and Instagram? You should read this article.

I have never been a fan of marketing books via Facebook or Instagram. Instagram might be cheap, gain a lot of attention, but that doesn’t always equal revenue. Facebook offers a higher chance of conversion, but I have never thought either would be very beneficial. However, like everything that is posted on this website, we present our own results and don’t merely speculate.

One of the first books I ever advertised went to Facebook and Instagram. I knew that my way of advertising was much more effective, (My advertising techniques will be discussed in another article) however, I wanted to give it a try. The conversion rate on Instagram was not reasonable and those that did interact with the advertisement gave no favorable results. The Facebook advertisement had a much higher Click Through Rate on our ads, but this did not equal sales. In one study 23% of Authors that used Facebook reported no sales. However, altogether the results are hard to estimate unless you follow the data carefully. Most authors are unsure of the value of Facebook. 88% of those who had sales on facebook priced the book from free – 3.99. However, this study and most studies have questionable accuracy. We did the best we could to provide you with our personal information, what we have seen, and researched.

On all the pictures, book covers, and ads we ran this is what we saw the best results for:

1. Audio and Visual— These ads got the most attention but once more, that did not mean they converted into book sales. I will state that we continue to advertise podcasts of our authors on Facebook and this does get favorable results. We do not simply run a recording of the author. In fact, the recordings are heavily edited and broken down into segments less than thirty minutes. This seems to gain attention for a variety of reasons we don’t have time to detail in this article. Nevertheless, they do get higher conversions than advertisements for books. All things audio and visual (media) gain a higher conversion rate and even higher sales.

2. Of course, good book covers are always more popular than poorly done covers. However, keep in mind that the text in your ad really does matter. Keep it short and straightforward— this gives you a higher conversion. The title of your book is monumentally important in Facebook ads and here is why: A person is scrolling down a list might find your book visually appealing but a title like— “The Core of the Apple,” gives no meaning. Authors like to place complex titles, and many authors don’t realize that their titles only have value to them or a person who has read the book. This does not work. Plain and simple is what you want. Excellent pictures and Obvious headlines that catch the reader is always a good choice. This is especially true for a first-time entrepreneur trying to gain some sales. Think about it. Does Time Magazine or the New Yorker create long incoherent headlines? Do they use elaborate titles or euphemisms? No. They get straight to the point.

Another exciting thing we found was that personal pictures of people seemed to gain a lot of interest. (Black and white photos gained more attention than colored images; however, this information is still in testing)

3. Be very narrow on your audience. Research your audience. We were cautious in ensuring that ads would be displayed to people who actually would buy this book. Your ads MUST contain a lot of research. The problem with authors selling their own books is that they are unaware of a lot of statistical data that would put them over the edge on Facebook. (Contact us— we will provide you with data on the readers of your book and the information for Facebook)

So, why would you want to run ads on Facebook or Instagram after reading the above? Why would you want to contact us for detailed information? Of course, there is a mild conversion rate (I don’t believe the genre is going to affect the advertisement much from our research, but there are studies that show Romance Novels do get higher conversion rates) and if you have a lot of money to spend— go for it. Make sure your ads run for at least five days before evaluating the success. However, Facebook is likely to be a waste of money. Then the question becomes— What is Facebook good for?

Although I do not prefer to run book advertisement on it because I have other methods that have proven much more beneficial— I do think converting viewers to your website or Facebook page is something worth spending money on. Take them directly to a blog or a free part of the book that they can quickly view. People in the generation want it “now and easily,” and by sending them to your website, you generate attention. However, there is another problem…

We actually have people on the staff who help structure websites. I even do it sometimes. The website has to look appealing. This does not mean you need a professional designer! Save your money! If you have blogs that read well and are of interest, that is very valuable. Blog posts allow the readers to connect with the author and if your subject is fascinating and your blog posts have a smooth flow… this might be the answer. They might begin to follow you or even sign up for your mailing list!

Last but not least— your advertisement will suffer if you are not listed on Amazon. If you have tried and sold hundreds of books- please post a comment indicating that I am wrong… The truth is, it won’t happen because advertising your book on Facebook is not nearly as effective as many people think.

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