Audiobooks, Ebooks, and Podcasts Software That Will Increase Sales

Software For Ebooks Promotion, Audiobook and how Podcasts Will Increase Sales

This is the second year (2016) that audiobook purchases increased. They grew 20% percent from 2015 and represented 1.77 billion dollars in assets. The great leap in profit has to lead you wondering what is the best way to create and market an audiobook effectively? We will discuss software and podcasts.

What is the best software for recording audiobooks? Are Podcasts effective? You want to market the best quality— right? When we talk about ebook marketing, we insist and demand that our clients have good covers. These covers have to reflect the prestige and message of the book. In the audiobook industry think of the voice as your cover. Basically- you have to portray your subject matter with a perfect sound that will sell your work. What software should be used to create a flawless recording that will grab reader’s attention?

Logic Pro X is what NarrationStation (Our parent website) uses. It is only available for Mac products. Consider it as an extremely advanced version of the garage band. This software allows you to modulate a character’s voice with countless features. If you look at some of the audiobooks created by, you will find that this tool can be used to alter the sounds of words in a very creative fashion. Another genuinely remarkable feature that Logic Pro X  has- is an extremely advanced format of editing. A lot of authors want to create an audiobook, and many narrators use programs but are they the right programs? The success of an audiobook can be limited due to the sound quality. Software like Logic Pro X (costs 199.00) or its number one competitor Avid Pro require extensive knowledge. An excellent narrator should not only deliver a flawless sound recording, but he/she will need a sound technician trained to create the audiobook correctly. A trained sound technician is a must… The remaining text will be about Podcasts.

The Ebook industry is not the only place where money is increasing rapidly. In 2016 podcast revenue totaled $119 Million in revenue and it is expected to grow 85% in 2017— to $220 million. “WAIT! What does this have to do with audiobook, ebook or marketing?” You might ask…?

GoodReader says, “Almost all of the companies involved in the retail side of audiobooks distribution see podcasts as a gateway to audiobook distribution.” One of the growing ebook and audiobook distribution platforms, Smashwords, has created an author Podcast platform. Authors are talking about their books, their series, and engaging with readers.

So I guess the ultimate question is— How do I effectively market my podcast? You probably can’t afford sound technician for this process. However, 40% of the US population say they have listened to at least one podcast every month; this cannot be ignored. GarageBand is a great tool, but I began to do intense research on something that offers better sound control, organization and editing methods that would be suitable for a podcast. Nearly everything I encountered was either overpriced, not for voice recording, or had extreme simplicity.

At last, I found a program that I thought would be effective in promoting authors through a podcast. This program was call Audacity. It has been significantly updated to include features that give you control over the sound quality, and although it will take a while to understand the basics— it might be worth your time. Of course, I test everything I do on here myself, and after logging on and working with it for over four hours, I found it to be superior to garage band and many other platforms used by those who do podcasts.

Audacity took me a while to master. I worked with it for three days, but the sound quality was superior to garage band and other podcast-friendly recorders. The only hitch I ran into was transferring it to an MP3 file. However, there was an easy solution, and after a quick download, it worked just fine. I admit it would take a lot of time to master (I used a Mac) but I think it would help the quality of podcasts for beginning authors who want to pursue this form of advertisement. In fact, if you want to become further advanced in your recordings while using a platform that is easy to understand– Audacity is great!


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