Collecting Valuable Marketing Data That Gives Security and Answers

How Does Collecting Our Marketing Data Give You Answers?

How do we collect our information? Data collection is an important topic because you— as a marketer— bookseller— or reader— you want to make sure you are not wasting your money! Right?! Of course, you do… I am going to share one of the go-to tools that we use when analyzing ebook platforms to obtain accurate data.

One of our most important data collecting tools is called This tool (paid and free version) allows us to look deep within a website, view the content, and even have a good idea of how it functions. This tool will enable us to deduce whether a site is actually successfully selling books, or just collecting money. How?

We compare the percentage of individuals shopping for books and audiobooks with other websites and outgoing links to other platforms, such as PayPal. This information can be precious in the deliberation of the value they are offering customers. However, as sweet as this platform can be, there can be problems.  What are they?  How do we address them?

No, the information is not always 100% accurate. To ensure accuracy, we check data against other devices that gather information from separate sources, and we compare the results. One useful tool is Alexa. However, I understand that paying for data is not always a reasonable option. If you want data on websites that you are about to use – and don’t have the income to pay for expanded research – an excellent site might be Sepstat has a free version that allows us to compare results to  Sepstat has a lot of other data that is valuable, but we will not detail its benefits in this article.

An additional method we put in place to provide accuracy is that we record data each month. Gathering data over several months allows us to see the stability, ensure accuracy, and understand what is happening on the platform. will enable you to look into traffic from social media, customer behavior, and ranking information.  It has an elaborate user database; it shows the age groups of individuals using it, their gender, and much more. Having this type of information is very powerful and allows us to create reports that are both helpful and accurate.

We have collected data on website platforms offering ebooks for several months and have expanded our research. The information we provide will allow you to assess whether spending $10.00 or $50.00 is a reasonable amount for your returns.

*Expect, in the following week, the release of substantial data that will help you market your book!

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