Podcast: Audiobooks and Ebooks Sales Have Increased! Listen to our Podcast on Audio Platforms!

Summer is Hitting— Sales Increasing— And With This in Mind— Audio is HOT! Audiobook and Ebook Sales

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In the podcast link, there is a short discussion and introduction to the value of summer and the revenue that will be generated. However, it is mostly a discussion on audio platforms that work for narrators. This article contains information that is not in the podcast.  It is a ten-minute discussion that goes into depth regarding audio platforms you probably have never considered. I hold a conversation with the narrator who manages our parent website.

So, summer is here! What does this mean?  It means more sales! In this podcast, I focus mainly on book sales related to children and teens.  The truth is that sales increase for a lot of different categories. The subject is broached but not explicitly defined in the podcast. College students are often avid readers, and as the summer begins, more and more people pick up books. The market is increased by students on their summer vacation, and although the previous article does define this as a leading factor— college students count!

There are various reasons why many people pick up books during the summer. For example, school is out, but there are other contributing factors, such as summer vacations. It has long been known that summer is generally taken with more ease. Psychologists hypothesize that this time of year creates a more enlightened demeanor with conducting tasks.

However, don’t get carried away. According to several studies, Americans wasted a “record-setting 658 million vacation days in 2015.”  In fact, 1-4 workers do not take any vacation time. However, those who take advantage of the warm weather, the kids being out of school, and the more relaxed nature – are more inclined to open a book. The stated statistic in the podcast is proof that Americans do take some form of relaxation— books!

However, I am not going to base my analysis strictly off of word of mouth and psychologist hypotheses. I want even more concrete data— and I have it!

We did not report on a dive that many platforms had been taking in the previous two months. There was a specific reason we did not release the information. The data that displayed the apparent loss of revenue from many book platforms was actually not a loss. The winter season saw an increase in sales, and it was leveling off. As it leveled off, the statistics showing a decrease in visits and interaction was actually not a decrease at all.

However, now that summer is upon us, our records show that there is a broad increase that I speculate will continue to grow. One website that we are particularly interested in studying is kboards.com, and they have had a 10.21% increase in views.

Other websites that we study and have mentioned previously are increasing by incredible leaps. While the previous months for ereaderwstoday.com had a 23.27% decrease in views. Between Feb 2018 and April 2018 they have had 65.12% increase. There is an average of 32,155 thousand views each month, and there is a significant interest in shopping among this group. 5.54% of individuals on this website are looking to purchase items.

Bottom line:  If you are about to release a book, summer might be a great time!

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