Elaborate Statistical Data and Analysis on How to Successfully Market Your Ebook on Facebook

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Market Your ebook on Facebook– This Extremely Detailed Data Should Not be Overlooked!

Running a successful ad campaign on Facebook.

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How do I advertise on Facebook and what demographics do I choose for Facebooks ads in relations to getting people to notice my e-book? Do you want “likes” for your content, or are you trying to popularize a facebook website where you are sharing books? We have in-depth data that will give you a very good perspective on the figures and how to calibrate your ads. This includes a combination of multiple reports from different services but all information is compared to Facebook Users. The full report is being sent to email subscribers only and parts will trickle out over time. This is a summary of the report.

The elaborate statistical data regarding audiobooks have been excluded from this report. This will be a study of men and women with two categories selected in interests. One: ebookers and E-book readers. Our assessment is that one category or the other did not affect the results. We examined several age groups: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, and 45+. We realize that 45 + is a large demographic but many variables played a factor in the inclusion of this age range that suggested it would not provide relevant results. Both men and women were examined, and upon reviewing the data, we compared it with other studies we have developed. This test was carried out over a three-month span. The report begins:

For 18-24-year-olds audience size was 45k- 50k as an estimated reach for women with these interests and age selection. Men had an average of 25-30 k population in this age group. Under categories, the bookstore was the prominent attribute for women and there was a consistency with Barnes and Nobel. In our research, we found that a younger age group was attracted to Nook and Barnes and Nobel. Barnes and Nobel is the second largest ebook distributor and falls behind Amazon. Amazon makes up 74% of the ebook business. After finding a consistent trend in the Facebook analysis, we opened several programs to try and gather advertising data from Barnes and Nobel. We are aware that many publishing houses are targeting a younger audience, and there was curiosity about any advertisement done on Facebook, and we want statistics that would give a better understanding of this trend. Unfortunately, the data we got could not be verified and our must trusted platforms had the data blocked. We could not confirm this trend.

Page likes: The number two listing was Nook and women were 428 times (age group 18-24) more likely to like this page and on the third-ranking was kindle at 252 times more likely to be “liked.”  The latter was the data from women. Men, however, were estimated to be 226 times more likely to “like” Amazon Kindle and 189 times more likely to like Nook. It is important to note that women in this category were excessively active with Nook and the figure 428 is almost double other age range statistic related to the likability of a page. However, they were not assessed to have higher buying patterns on Facebook.  Various reports confirm that but we are unsure as of yet if that is the case on Facebook from our data.

12% of women were in college and 76% of women were in a relationship (age 18-24) 118% of men were in a relationship and the gap between men and women’s relationships % is a notable variable. The average clicks on ads were 28 for men and 34 for women. Men have an average of 8 comments vs. 14 comments from women. However, in all age groups, and across various interests, women always had a larger tendency to comment and “like” a page. It should be pointed out that the information gathered from these activities cannot be fortified as fact but rather, an educated guess.

25-34-year-old women had 200k- 250k; a more sizable audience. Men, on the other hand, have between 70k-80k in the interests related to ebooks. Data we have acquired from various ebook platforms tend to show a higher buying habit of women and this is confirmed by various reports. This also appears true from facebook related data. However, men have significantly fewer interactions with books in almost all categories compared to women. The data also suggests (from book based website advertisers and an article on the website details this), that men and women spend an equal amount of time on ebook related websites (not facebook). This suggests that men are less likely to interact with ebook related material on Facebook or are not part of Facebook. Keep in mind that user base of Facebook consists of 54% women and 46% of men.

Page likes in the group range of 25-34 age were consistent and stable for both men and women. The men’s tendency to like a page was far less than women. Top categories included Barnes and Nobel bookstore, and the likes were: Number 1. Amazon Kindle with 354 times as likely. Nook followed with 354 times as likely to be “liked”. (women)

Other details and conclusion: Individuals of a higher age tended to use desktops, while younger people interested in e-books were predominately iPhone users. iPhone users were higher among women then men and this trend become further apart as age increases. The fact that older individuals are primarily on desktops is extremely interesting because some of our data show that websites only cater to desktops and are not “mobile,” ready. For example, www.bookrazor.com (one of the top websites listed for the older audience) is only usable on desktops. In the past two months, we have seen substantial increases in several categories. For example, there is a 10.77% increase in users within the United States. Regardless of these measures, they are closing their website because they are violating Amazon policies. From the analysis, it is suggested that this website is primarily composed of authors marketing their book (Note— their website closed because of review violations— read the linked article).

In Two jobs that were listed for both men and women was under the category, “legal.” In addition, not only are undergraduates more likely to read ebooks then the general population but there is some connection in this study that indicates readers tend to seek higher education.

Older groups were not assessed heavily. We noticed the trend that they seek free books and good deals. In fact, one popular website that is listed in numerous areas is ereadersnewstoday.com. This is another website we began gathering data on months ago and have tested ads on.  Although many of our employees that gather data are not required to list specific information unless it breaches certain categories— this website breached certain categories— the rate of older users on this platform was much higher than most. For example, 17.43% of users on this website are between the ages of 55-64.

The evidence regarding Facebook seems to be in line with other information and that is: 25-34-year-olds are the best target. More specifically, females— especially if you desire more facebook page likes and comments. This trend seems more elevated in females. One last point about the older group that is noteworthy— although they do not make up a large sales portion they do have an elevated tendency to like pages, leave comments, but the reality is that just aint where your buck is! A study recently released suggest that many publishers is trying to lure the younger audience into the e-book world. This study is undergoing– not complete!

While All This Data is valid Please refer to an Update

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