Digital Media to Promote Ebooks, and Audiobooks! (Steps and Data)

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How to Use Digital Media to Promote an E-Book or Audiobook in 2018

Do you think about the new ways to promote your upcoming E-Book or Audiobook? Are you confused about the “ways” to help a successful launch? We got you set right here! This article will guide you through the entire process on social media. Keep in mind that there is not a magical formula for overnight success; in fact, it requires consistent efforts and the proper application of the process, but this guideline will help.

  1. Activate yourself on the Web
    Register a domain under your name. For example ‘www.BookAuthor.Com’ and then get a web designer to create a beautiful 1-page website with content about you, upcoming Books or releases, images of yourself and a contact form. 

Codex Group studies publishing trends and did a study on 21,000 book shoppers. It might surprise you to find that 7.5% of these book enthusiasts had visited the author of their purchased book in the last week. The study refers to a good comparison— only 7% of individuals have visited Wall Street  Journal in the past week! Point— a website can be beneficial.

In addition, 38% of those who had visited an author’s website were more likely to buy books from other vendors and sources. 43% of “respondents” purchasing fiction books were found to be excessively interested in the unpublished content of websites. This includes posts by the author on a website, information about book publishing, and even book signings. A blog on this website recently discussed email marketing, and this proves to be an active strategy and another good reason for building a website.

Social Media can prove to be very effective. However, a well-renowned author and publisher, Annik Lafarge, says that one advantage of a website is that it has SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This tool alone is very powerful, and it is something not that is not as common with social media.

  1. Go Social Immediately
    Identify the social channels where your audience is and create the pages under the same name as your web domain. Once you have created those pages, start inviting your friends to like/follow the page and request them to further share it with their friends and ask them to follow/like. This will increase your audience size on the pages organically. 

Book Business Media did a survey and found that 68% of publishers showed a profit from social media (end of 2014). This figure is above direct sales and online bookstores. However, it has to be done right, and as easy as it seems— it isn’t. Define your audience. If you are an Indie Author, do not just start a campaign to advertise. Instead, look at the demographics, age groups, type of books, and even the reading devices that would be used. All of the latter factors are a couple in a million points to pay attention.

  1. Start Posting Content
    Once you have some audience on your pages, you should start creating content to post. When it comes to creating content for social media you should be spontaneous and entertaining. Allow people to connect with you and encourage them to share your content. One good idea is to include videos that give a brief overview of an upcoming book and what aspired you to write it, some quotes out of the book, pictures, but make it entertaining! Remember that most popular form of content today is video. Text is no longer a big winner in the game of gaining sales; either you create videos or have alluring images. 
    Note: quality is always superior to the quantity. Don’t bombard your pages with numerous updates every day or people will start disliking you. Make your posts count! Make them high quality and attractive!
  2. Reach Out to Bloggers
    Bloggers are the celebrities in the digital world, and each one of them has a loyal community of followers which has devoted readers. Identify the bloggers in your niche who have a sizable audience, find their social profiles and websites to determine their following. Once you have a list, reach out to them and make a deal for a potential collaboration for your book’s promotion. Get them to write a blog post and create social media posts. This gives your book a good boost and more attention. This will also generate more followers for you that could possibly buy your book. Note that this should ideally take place 10-20 days before your book’s, ebook’s, or audiobook’s launch.
  3. Leverage Facebook Groups
    The beauty of Facebook groups is that they still have 100% organic reach. That means you can connect with thousands of group members without spending a single penny! Identify the groups that are relevant to your niche, join them and start creating conversations about your upcoming book. This will allow you to interact with a like-minded crowd and give you a chance to get them to follow you.
  4. Use Instagram Hashtags
    Instagram functions a bit differently than Facebook. First, it is a visual only platform, secondly, it relies heavily on the hashtags and last, (the best part) its organic reach hasn’t died. Identify some hashtags relevant to your niche, and use them in every post. Also like other people’s content who have the same hashtags and follow them with the intentions that they will return the favor and follow you. This is the fastest way to build your followers base, and it is a great social media tool. We talk about social media and the effect of pictures in another blog.

These are few of the tactics that can be beneficial to promote an E-Book or audiobook. Applying these steps will help turn your business into a win!

We would love to have your feedback on this post and feel free to add anything that you think we have missed.

If you are an author, planning to launch a book, feel free to message us! We are always excited to work with individuals to promote their ebooks and audiobooks!

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