Is Amazon the Best Platform For Your Ebook or Audiobook

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Amazon is the Best?

Yes, most of the blogs focus on Amazon, but almost all of the information has a general relation to other platforms. However, one reason I am hesitant to release data regarding other ebook and audiobook services is that because many of them are just beginning to evolve and the direction they are heading is not a certainty.

Amazon may be difficult to deal with at times but I am positive they will continue to monopolize the market and be a leading force in the ebook and audiobook industry. I hear a lot of complaints, but I set these issues aside because I have followed Amazon closely for years. They are here to stay and will only implement changes when absolutely necessary to sustain their control on the book market.

Apple and Amazon held a monopoly that ended several months ago on audiobooks. They had an agreement that kept publishing agencies from being able to use either platform for their books. This was a big problem! Why? If Amazon and Apple are exclusive to each other and only allow audiobooks that they control; this puts publishers at odds. Well,— One press in Germany got tired of this— they filed a lawsuit. The European Union forced Apple and Amazon to dissolve their contract and this had an effect on their worldwide policies. Point— they see everything— they are aware of people’s complaints— and they are going to modify their services to ensure that they remain number one. However, I am not saying they do not have competition.

I would like to mention one ebook publishing website that I have a done a decent amount of research about and find to be highly useful. It is . Honestly, I have only used it once and it is too soon to see what type of results will come from this. They offer services that branch off and submit your book to other platforms. This is a seemingly good deal. It is something you should check into and it is something I am keeping a close eye on.

There are many platforms out there and I encourage you to be careful. Some of them are not worthwhile.



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