How to Ensure That Your Manuscript is Properly Edited

The Trust of the Editing World

I have been editing multiple manuscripts since this business began.  Our sister website ( is already in place, as we get our main website calibrated ( Lorri Heneveld (my primary audiobook narrator) and I have recently discovered something frightening!

Editing of manuscripts is pitiful! I am not talking about just little grammatical errors like even I occasionally make; we are finding that almost all of the manuscripts we have worked on have had massive amounts of grammatical errors. This is understandable because these books are freshly-written, and it’s the first time they’ve been reviewed by an editor— right?— wrong!

Editing is a service that is going to improve tremendously, as our company grows and expands. Currently, I read and do content editing on at least four books a week. This is a lot of work, and my involvement in this area – although it has been brief – has been very eye-opening. It has come to my attention that publishing companies have been charging authors large fees for editing services, and handing back manuscripts that have not been formatted or properly edited.

If you talk to a traditional publishing company, they will explain that their editing process can involve four to five editing steps, at least. Our company has only two editing steps (grammatical and content), and 90% of the errors we find are errors that the other editors missed!  However, we go way beyond this! We include notes from the author and will revise the manuscript again after the author has made alterations. Why am I talking about this, and what has got me so on-edge?

Let me be clear:  I do not recommend that authors use Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, or any similar freelance websites, to get their books edited. My dad has always said, “You get what you pay for.” If you want dirt-cheap editing than you are going to get dirt-cheap results. Be careful, when you involve yourself with editors from third-world countries. No; not all of them are bad, but most of them are trying to make a buck. We have seen terrible results from these freelance editing sites!  Keep this in mind:  If your editor is from a foreign country, there will be cultural and language differences that will cause errors in the content and grammar of your book.

If you want a trusted source that will give you the correct information regarding professional editing for the English language, please check out Writers Market. They produce a book each year that details publishers and exclusive information about the editing process. In my opinion— and many others, in the world of literature — Writers Market exemplifies the best practices of the publishing world. If you are an author who is considering using a professional editor, I would — at a minimum — check out this link; Writers market data on costs !

Our company ( offer great editing services for a very small fee, and many people come to us for editing. However – whichever editor you choose – be careful! I advise you to not pay the editor until you see what is being done. What we generally do is edit a small portion of the manuscript, then get the author’s pre-approval, before we edit the remainder of the document.

To those individuals and companies who are scamming authors for editing— Shame on you! What is wrong with you?

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