Audiobooks, Ebooks, and Podcasts Software That Will Increase Sales

The Ebook industry is not the only place where money is increasing rapidly. In 2016 podcast revenue totaled $119 Million in revenue and it is expected to grow 85% in 2017— to $220 million. “WAIT! What does this have to do with audiobook, ebook or marketing?” You might ask…?

Collecting Valuable Marketing Data That Gives Security and Answers

How Does Collecting Our Marketing Data Give You Answers? How do we collect our information? Data collection is an important topic because you— as a marketer— bookseller— or reader— you want to make sure you are not wasting your money! Right?! Of course, you do… I am going to share one of the go-to tools thatContinue reading “Collecting Valuable Marketing Data That Gives Security and Answers”

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There are reasons that many people pick up books during the summer. For example, School is out, but there are other contributing factors such as summer vacations. It has long been known that summer are generally taken with more ease. Psychologist hypothesis that this time of year creates a more enlightened demeanor with conducting tasks.

How To Market A Children’s Book and Statistics That Will Help Your Marketing Plan

Parents are essential to target when you are developing your social media plan and other advertising avenues. Compared to their kids, they have a higher percentage of picking out books that their children would like. Furthermore, they believe that educating a child about diversity, and positive lessons are important. The most popular types of books picked out by adults for their kids were ones that made you think and feel. The second largest category was books that would inspire their child to do something good. 13% of parents say they are looking for something that includes, “culturally or ethnically diverse storylines, setting or characters.” 21% of those who were questioned about diversity say books should include LGBTQ people.

Elaborate Statistical Data and Analysis on How to Successfully Market Your Ebook on Facebook

Market Your ebook on Facebook– This Extremely Detailed Data Should Not be Overlooked! Running a successful ad campaign on Facebook. If you are bored by numbers– Skip to the Conclusion How do I advertise on Facebook and what demographics do I choose for Facebooks ads in relations to getting people to notice my e-book? Do youContinue reading “Elaborate Statistical Data and Analysis on How to Successfully Market Your Ebook on Facebook”