Amazon- Ebooks- Audiobooks- False Reviews and New Policy- What You Should Know!

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What You Should Know About Illegal Amazon Marketing

I received a disturbing email from an author that claimed my analysis of the Kboards article was inaccurate because Amazon does not allow advertisement on third-party platforms. I am here to tell you she is 100% wrong and kboards is 100% acceptable to use for advertising. I will give you a link at the bottom to add assurance.

Amazon recently released information that particular third-party websites were considered illegal by their terms. Why is this? Well, a few websites required that you write a set amount of reviews before enabling the reviewer access to all of the tools on the website. Amazon is not against ads on other websites, nor are they against the promotion of your book. But they do have a problem that they insist be addressed. They fear that customers will be swayed to write a positive review based solely on website’s forcefully nature to do so or websites inept nature of encouraging and guaranteeing some form of positive reviews. The evidence overwhelmingly suggests that these type of platforms give much higher ratings to books than the average consumer would give.

Third-party platforms are extremely necessary for promoting specific books but do not engage in websites that center on getting reviews that are guaranteed to be positive based not on your book’s content but based solely as a marketing technique. It is 100% okay to advertise. Do not worry friend, you are doing nothing illegal. If you fear you are, I encourage you to reach out to Amazon… And I did just that. Although I felt that the employee I spoke with was rather ignorant on some of this topic, he did assure me that there was nothing to be worried about. He did not understand the specifics but reiterated the direct message of this article and that is, “Paying for reviews are not allowed.”

Of course, Amazon wants you to use their advertisement system but it is not very effective for a lot of books. They realize that advertisement on other websites will occur and they have allowed it. They should. It brings them more money! Advertising books on other platforms bring them income from sales!

The only advice I give you regarding this matter: Do not seek false reviews. Even if you get a substantial amount of false reviews that say great things about your book— bad content— bad editing — This will continue to pull your book down and because of this Amazon has in-placed these guidelines. They want reviews that reflect the book or ebook.

The Women’s hostility was not what encouraged this article. No.  It occurred to me that other people might not understand the principals that I am specifying right now. I hope this helped any individual that is confused by Amazon’s policies that were changed in 2016.

Also, understand we do a large amount of social media. We will be developing a section that caters to that subject.


Website That Discusses Websites that Cater to False Reviews




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