Tactics and Statistics that Will Help You Market Your Ebook on Amazon and other Platforms

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READERS Average Age and Male or Female Targeting in Relation to Ebooks

We have an extremely large database of information that looks into websites, their potential, statistics, and we even go so far as to see what others have written. Yes, we look at customer reviews on their website, but we also look into information on other web platforms dictating other advertiser’s experience. Before we dive into age and the trends they have, I would like to make something clear:

Although you may pay 20 dollars for advertising and only make 10 dollars back, there is a more important detail to consider: If you are receiving reviews then it is worth it! Reviews on Amazon and other platforms increase the rank and offer you a higher potential for further sells. A lot of people make their book free with hopes that they will get reviews. One tactic I use with my clients is put what is called a “Call to Action.” This “Call to Action” says, “Please Review the book.” As simple as that seems, it can often get results.

NOW, what about age groups? Age 25-34 make up almost all majorities of website platforms that advertise books and caters to readers. If you are looking to write a book and profit, I would suggest that you focus on topics and substance that would interest these readers. Not only do these platforms cater mostly to the age of 25-34 but this statistic is globally excepted. From some statistics of websites and the percentage of those in the age group; we found the data to be consistent: at 26%, 29.86%, 24.79% and so forth in that age range. This is the area that dominates readers. Although these are the age groups, who are actually buying the books?

Our statistics show a very interesting trend. Although women buy and read more books than men, our data shows that most websites devoted to the promotion of author books and readers have a split audience. For example, a website called www.discountbookman.com  has 59.93% males and 40.07% female audience. www.booksprout.com has 51.16% male audience and a 48.84% female audience. This is an ongoing trend throughout our research.

Therefore, targeting females within the age range of 25-34 would likely be most profitable. In addition, 7% of college graduates are digital-only readers when compared to the 3% who have not graduated from high school. Ages 65 and older are much less likely to purchase an ebook or a book in any format. These factors are all important when targeting your audience. Among women, Caucasian women read the most, followed by African American women. These details might help your aim.

This article makes a point. Statistics matter. Of course, there are a million other things to consider: What devices are used or average income level, but this is a great starting point. Perhaps you are in the ebook business to make money— well these statistics should help. Or maybe you want to ensure your advertisement to individuals is spot on. This information should prove very valuable!



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