About Us

We have the best of both worlds! What do I mean? Well, when it comes to ebook and audiobook publishing, we are more than prepared.

This began by Lorri H. when she started a small ebook narrating operation. I- [Max] – came to the platform where I invested time and energy into developing a marketing scheme. Although there are many ebooks and audiobooks platforms for creation… I realized that marketing in this area was scarce. I had previous marketing experience, and I have worked in literature. I knew the potential for growth was huge!

This marketing scheme really took off! Our profit percentage is over 1000% since the beginning days of the website. In fact, we have increased profits in every area. We have hired other narrators and staff because it can be challenging to meet the demand.

This sister website focuses on marketing, but we offer almost everything a writer could want… Editing, book covers, narration, marketing and we enjoy what we do. Although our two websites might seem at a distance- we are still very connected.

I have recently added a new team member who is going to run the marketing part of the business with me. Hunzala Rajput is excellent at social media and provides an exciting look into the process. I focus on marketing books based on platforms that most marketers overlook. With the two websites working together, we will continue to grow.

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