Narrators, yes, I understand your frustration. I recently spoke with the owner of the parent site we are connected to. Her main job is to develop audiobooks. Our two narrators both use recording studios. Also, they go to great lengths to edit the material. Most people think it as simple as clicking a few buttons and reading the manuscript… guess what… it is nowhere near that easy. A lot of people are also under the impression that marketing requires a couple clicks and they are mystified by the fees we display. Well, I would like to assure you that the processes involved are both problematic. Today we are going to be talking about Narration:

If you are a narrator who is frustrated with ACX platforms and feel undervalued, I have a suggestion for you. Keep in mind that we like to ensure that these platforms are successful and we have become involved in a website known as Findaway Voices. Our efforts– particularly Lorri Henveld– shows promising results. So– What are Findaway voices?

Find Aaway Voices matches Narrators with clients. The narrator collects a fee for their services but keep in mind– before a person can work on this website they must submit an example of their narration abilities. In other words, they have high standards. Clients are handled by the company as the process is configured by the website. After a client selects different types of qualities they want in a narrator, several people are chosen to read, and the individual picks one of them to record their book for a fee.

Will this work? If you want a professional narrator and have a few bucks to shell out– I would say it is a great idea. It is a remarkably good platform for Narrators who are sick of ACX and have genuine skill. This platform treats clientele well and tries to pair them with the best Narrator.

They have an average of 297,223 searches a month and 1.25 million in that span time. This is an increase of about 14% from the previous month. It is clear that individuals want a more straightforward process to produce high-quality books. What I find most impressive is that they deliver your finished audiobook to over a dozen platforms. These platforms include audible, iTunes, Google, and almost all of the significant audiobook distributors. One distributor that should be noted is Overdrive. Overdrive has gained record sells, and they are one of the leading platforms for audiobooks in public libraries in America. Although most people overlook overdrive, I have been paying close attention to them, and their success is undervalued.

I am not saying that this is the best choice, but it does look promising. We have been satisfied with the involvement in the platform so far and updates will come.

Of Course, this website like to present Facts but we also like to offer information that we have established by looking into these platforms. A narrator that is on our parent website created a chart to display the results between ACX and Findaway Voices. Our parent website is

ACX / Findaway Voices Comparison


Findaway Voices


Author posts new book for an open audition.

Author posts new book for a closed audition. Casting Coordinator helps author select top three narrator candidates.


Narrator submits audition directly to the author. Narrator is competing with multiple, unknown narrators. Multiple narrators submit auditions. The author listens to all of them and selects one narrator.

Top three narrator candidates are notified that they’ve been selected to submit an audition. Those three individuals receive audition information and a short-term deadline (usually 72 hours) for turning in the audition.

Contract Notification:

Author offers narrator a contract. Production schedule is discussed and deadlines are negotiated between author and narrator. Narrator signs and returns contract directly to the author.

Author chooses one narrator from the top three candidates. Selected narrator receives a contract offer from Casting Coordinator. Narrator signs and returns contract.


Author and narrator communicate directly through ACX messaging system.

Casting Coordinator and narrator communicate through personal email. Casting Coordinator uploads the audiobook project into the Findaway Voices database, once narrator signs contract.

Payment Options:

Author has two options: “royalty share” or pay-per-finished-hour (PFH).

Author pays Findaway Voices up front. Findaway then pays narrator directly (PFH price from narrator’s profile), as soon as the final chapter of the audiobook is submitted. There is no “royalty share” option.


Narrator uploads audio tracks to ACX database.

Narrator uploads audio tracks to Findaway Voices database.


ACX creates master audio files. Audiobooks are distributed to Amazon Audible, Apple iTunes, & Kindle WhisperSync.

Findaway Voices creates master audio files. Audiobooks are distributed to any of the following platforms the author requests:

Amazon Audible, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Barnes & Noble Nook, Scribd, eStories, Playster, 24Symbols, Downpour,, Hummingbird,, Otto, Instaread.


ACX keeps 60% of the profit from audiobook sales.

If “royalty share”: Author & narrator split the remaining 40% profit from total monthly sales (20% each).

If “PFH”: Author pays narrator through ACX’s payment center. Narrator receives final pay when the audiobook passes ACX “audio review” phase.

My current fee is $150 per finished hour (PFH) of edited audio.

Very few ACX authors choose the “PFH” option.


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