Kboards is a moderately large website that boasts advertising success to marketers for Kindle readers. We, of course, have advertised books with them but before we get to that— let me give you some statistics about this website.

The following information is an analysis of January 2018 to March 2018, but the information is representative of long-term data.

They get an average of 1.215 million views each month (This has minimal fluctuation) and one item that makes them particularly successful is that individuals can visit this website from desktop and mobile devices. 66.41% of users come from desktops while 43.99% come from mobile phones. Another good factor is that the bounce rate is low— it resides at 30%. Unique visits rest at a tidy 128,541. On their website, they boast much higher statistics, but their facts are misleading. In regards to the category they are in, they rank 44,130. (Their Alexa rating does not line up with their claims either). Also, from data gathered, we believe that their profit from advertisement fell over 50% in the last month. Some statistics indicate that their profit declined over 75% in the last month. However, since we do not have access to their sales report we cannot say that this is a 100% factual observation.

Talk is cheap.

We were interested in several of the features that Kboard offered. The data we collected suggested that a lot of people on the website were seeking educational material. They wanted information on current topics. Therefore, we decided to launch a book associated with a purely academic subject. Although we felt that it would be a hard sell; at 2.99 it would generate a little bit of interest? The results were disappointing:

Two of the highlighted features was to be listed in an email and on Facebook. Being listed on Facebook seems like a good deal? After all, Facebook makes up 46.22% of all of the social media they receive. However, if you look further into the details you will discover that this number is not that great. Why? Social media makes up 1.78% of total desktop traffic. The email traffic is not something to boast about either.

There is another problem I foresee with their advertisement. Kboards releases this advertisement list on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. Although Tuesday is a usual day for releases of books, 4:00 p.m. is not the right time based on data we have collected. This means that if a person does not interact with an email or facebook add from 4:00 p.m. until they go to bed, their email is buried under many others early in the morning. (The latter data regarding time release is a trend we have noticed but not a cemented fact)

Are we going to advertise with them in the future? Yes! However, we are going to pay for the advertisement that costs more. This website can be a valuable asset, and ‘You get what you pay for.’ The 15 dollar payment would probably be good for free books, but when it comes down to payment and earning royalties regarding the 15 dollar fee— your out of luck on this one!


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