Amazon and The Territories They Provide

When you are non-exclusive with Amazon, this does not mean that your book is no longer viewed by the listed territories they offer. Let me dive into the logistics of the matter…

Listing your ebook(s) across a variety of platforms can be an excellent strategy. The more platforms you are on–, the more exposure you receive. I would like it noted that if you are a first-time author it would be wise to be exclusive to Amazon. Once you build up your social media, design a website, and produce a few books; then it would be time to branch out. (Remember that every 90 days you are allowed to opt out). However, when I am handling a client, and it is their first book, I generally encourage them to use the Amazon’s ebook platform. Sometimes clients ask about all the territories Amazon offers and if they are valauble? Let’s discuss this:

India is one territory that Amazon provides, and it is the second largest English speaking country in the world. In fact, the English speaking total of all the areas Amazon offers is equivalent to about half of America. Yes, they can be valuable. When you opt out of Amazon exclusive, you still get royalties from purchases made in these territories, but they are far less than what you would receive if you were exclusive. BUT…

These territories are notoriously known for the need of marketing to successfully sell books. In addition, books have to be written in a manner that associates with the culture or topics that people in these regions are interested in. When a person sees a list of territories it looks very lucrative, but selling large amounts of books to these areas rarely occurs. Therefore, if you think you have excelled to the point that placing your ebook on a large number of platforms is beneficial- do not let the loss of commission from these regions affect your decision.







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