Marketing is All About Data! I Decided to Share Some Information That Might Be Helpful!

Marketing is All About Data! I Decided to Share Some Information That Might Be Helpful!

  1. Are there certain days that are considered better to market and promote than others? You betcha there are! To begin, in everything I have done regarding marketing I have noticed certain trends. Certain days are more productive. I find these days to be Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In fact, on multiple platforms, including book marketing, early in the morning was the best time. However, would this correlate into Ebook and Audiobook Marketing statistics from major websites? According to Book Gorilla (A Major ebook marketing website), Mondays and Wednesdays have a sizably larger audience. In fact, the open rate average was 47.83 on weekdays. Weekends had the lowest open rates. This may sound surprising, but it gets even more twisted— Weekends had the lowest open rate of all but the highest amount of purchases and sales. Book Gorilla is one ebook company of many that show similar trends. Should we trust them and their results? Although they do have a steady schedule, a million and one factors exist that could affect the open rates but I find similar trends elsewhere. But what I find most assuring is using that information when I use Book Gorilla and I collect data on any other platform I might use.
  2. You must know who you are marketing too! This can be an important factor when writing the book or even designing the cover. First, multiple e-book platforms report that female readers are much higher than male. One statistics say that 85% of e-book readers are females. This alarming large statistic also seems to be true for audiobooks. Another constant theme is that Sci-fiction and Romance seem to be very popular. This also is true for audiobooks (Especially for the Sci-fi category).
  3. I am going to leave you with one last fact before the conclusion. News Corp published a book that sold more than 490,000 ebook copies of their print version. However, what is even more astounding is that 470,000 ebooks units were sold. In other words— STAY ON THE TREND!

So is social media the answer? Sometimes SMM can provide outstanding results, but I see equal, if not better results with marketers who use both ebooks, and audiobook platforms to advertise to consumers. The best strategy is not a simple answer. No. It is built on the compiling of data that shows you where your readers are, and how to market to them. There is no one answer. If you are looking for something simple that will work every time— that just doesn’t exist. You might find a platform that increases sales but data is at the heart of really ramping up your marketing.

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