Ebooks From Amazon and Crazy Facts!

  1. They charge e-books based on megabytes. This means that it is not worthwhile to publish books on Kindle that contain a lot of pictures or graphs. Their fees for file size can get costly and eliminate your income. Meanwhile, websites like Apple’s iBooks allow up to 2 Gigabytes of data without penalty. AND YES! What we are talking about applies to digital sales! It can go up to .30 cents a megabyte. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

  1. Exclusive or non-exclusive? Two words that most of us have heard over and over. So let’s explore something new— Exclusive increases royalties in territories that Amazon lists. Just because your non-exclusive does not eliminate money from those territories, it just reduces the commission. This can be significant because one territory includes India which is the second largest English speaking territory in the world. Total- the territories equal about half the size of America. Yes, they can be important! However, please note that people in these areas usually require marketing to pick up sales! It might surprise you how worthless those territories can be for many books.
  2. If you sign up for KDP Select and choose to give your book away free for a limited time- please register on websites that provide promotion to free books. There are many websites for this. This will help. However, there is a downside. Many people will tell you that free books no longer hold the golden touch that uses too. Why? There are so many of them! In fact, people argue that Amazon’s algorithm no longer favor’s free book promotions.
  3. THIS IS A GOOD TIP! Offer to give away a book… this seems to be a good strategy.  It is also a safe strategy. Amazon seems to be cracking down on authors using book hub and mailing lists. Giveaways can be effective and a tactic that is undervalued.

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