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Our goal is to create strategies that will make your e-book or audiobook successful.



Are you having trouble editing your book? Honestly, we have received a lot of manuscripts (Many published and listed on www.mynarrationstation.com— our parent website), and 99% of them are not edited properly. Many of our clients have told us that their book went through editing, but we find lots of errors! One critical aspect when marketing your book is ensuring that it accurately edited. Nobody wants to stumble through a manuscript or audiobook that is not coherent!

Cover Art

We provide a book artist. He is extremely well accomplished and has been involved in the design of many covers. However, there is much more to a cover than just a pretty picture. Did you know that covers that are lighter in color are clicked on more? Or did you know that e-books and audiobooks dealing with personal issues are more successful when the cover has a picture of a person on it? Designing a cover is a significant process, and we ensure that it goes smoothly.


What about social media? A lot of people only use social media to market their ebook or audiobook. Yes, this is a great token, but we are involved in much more than that. We collect data on the best ebook websites to advertise, and these websites are custom picked to ensure success! However, we still have a social media marketing team and we are ramping up our efforts to expand these platforms.

Designing of a Website

Our staff also includes a person who is not only in marketing but specializes in the designing of websites. A Website can be an essential platform to gain momentum.


The narration of ebooks is one of our biggest focuses. Audiobooks have become a billion dollar industry and if they are adequately promoted; the potential for sells is enormous. We have several narrators and even an audio specialist that goes through the audiobooks and ensure high quality.

Amazon and ACX

There is something important that I would like you to note. Right now we primarily focus on Amazon and ACX. However, I am up to date on the many platforms that are evolving and discussing the potential for expansion is always on the table. We feel that the potential for most beginning authors is greatest on these two platforms.

Our Offer is Unbeatable

No other website gives you all of these features for an outstanding price. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. This is not a self-publishing website. We do not take your book and throw it out without even reading your material. No. We take our time and assess all manuscripts before giving you a quote. Most websites offering any of our services only want a credit card number. We take the time to ensure your ebook or audiobook is something we can work with and then develop a plan of action.

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Collecting Valuable Marketing Data That Gives Security and Answers

How Does Collecting Our Marketing Data Give You Answers?

How do we collect our information? Data collection is an important topic because you— as a marketer— bookseller— or reader— you want to make sure you are not wasting your money! Right?! Of course, you do… I am going to share one of the go-to tools that we use when analyzing ebook platforms to obtain accurate data.

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Podcast: Audiobooks and Ebooks Sales Have Increased! Listen to our Podcast on Audio Platforms!

Summer is Hitting— Sales Increasing— And With This in Mind— Audio is HOT! Audiobook and Ebook Sales

Scroll down to the bottom of the PodBean cast and listen to the PodCast   <– please check this out! LISTEN ON ITUNES HERE –> Itunes link!

In the podcast link, there is a short discussion and introduction to the value of summer and the revenue that will be generated. However, it is mostly a discussion on audio platforms that work for narrators. This article contains information that is not in the podcast.  It is a ten-minute discussion that goes into depth regarding audio platforms you probably have never considered. I hold a conversation with the narrator who manages our parent website.

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How To Market A Children’s Book and Statistics That Will Help Your Marketing Plan

Statistics That Will Help You Market a Children’s Book

Book Riot released statistics that show that 47% of reading occurs in the summer (all data was cross-referenced and compared to statistics we have obtained). This is a time to take advantage of readers but guess what, the spike in readers during the summer primarily consists of children 6-17. This report is comprised of over 15 sources that provide the latest and most accurate data. The data in this report will help you target readers for children books. How do you write a book for a younger audience unless you know the statistics behind the scene? (Links to many of the sources are at the bottom of the page.)

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Elaborate Statistical Data and Analysis on How to Successfully Market Your Ebook on Facebook

Market Your ebook on Facebook– This Extremely Detailed Data Should Not be Overlooked!

Running a successful ad campaign on Facebook.

If you are bored by numbers– Skip to the Conclusion

How do I advertise on Facebook and what demographics do I choose for Facebooks ads in relations to getting people to notice my e-book? Do you want “likes” for your content, or are you trying to popularize a facebook website where you are sharing books? We have in-depth data that will give you a very good perspective on the figures and how to calibrate your ads. This includes a combination of multiple reports from different services but all information is compared to Facebook Users. The full report is being sent to email subscribers only and parts will trickle out over time. This is a summary of the report.

The elaborate statistical data regarding audiobooks have been excluded from this report. This will be a study of men and women with two categories selected in interests. One: ebookers and E-book readers. Our assessment is that one category or the other did not affect the results. We examined several age groups: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, and 45+. We realize that 45 + is a large demographic but many variables played a factor in the inclusion of this age range that suggested it would not provide relevant results. Both men and women were examined, and upon reviewing the data, we compared it with other studies we have developed. This test was carried out over a three-month span. The report begins:

For 18-24-year-olds audience size was 45k- 50k as an estimated reach for women with these interests and age selection. Men had an average of 25-30 k population in this age group. Under categories, the bookstore was the prominent attribute for women and there was a consistency with Barnes and Nobel. In our research, we found that a younger age group was attracted to Nook and Barnes and Nobel. Barnes and Nobel is the second largest ebook distributor and falls behind Amazon. Amazon makes up 74% of the ebook business. After finding a consistent trend in Facebook analysis, we opened several programs to try and gather advertising data from Barnes and Nobel. We are aware that many publishing houses are targeting a younger audience, and there was curiosity about any advertisement done on Facebook, and we want statistics that would give a better understanding of this trend. Unfortunately, the data we got could not be verified and our must trusted platforms had the data blocked. We could not confirm this trend.

Page likes: The number two listing was Nook and women were 428 times (age group 18-24) more likely to like this page and on the third-ranking was kindle at 252 times more likely to be “liked.”  The latter was the data from women. Men, however, were estimated to be 226 times more likely to “like” Amazon Kindle and 189 times more likely to like Nook. It is important to note that women in this category were excessively active with Nook and the figure 428 is almost double other age range statistic related to the likability of a page. However, they were not assessed to have higher buying patterns on Facebook.  Various reports confirm that but we are unsure as of yet if that is the case on Facebook from our data.

12% of women were in college and 76% of women were in a relationship (age 18-24) 118% of men were in a relationship and the gap between men and women’s relationships % is a notable variable. The average clicks on ads were 28 for men and 34 for women. Men have an average of 8 comments vs. 14 comments from women. However, in all age groups, and across various interests, women always had a larger tendency to comment and “like” a page. It should be pointed out that the information gathered from these activities cannot be fortified as fact but rather, an educated guess.

25-34-year-old women had 200k- 250k; a more sizable audience. Men, on the other hand, have between 70k-80k in the interests related to ebooks. Data we have acquired from various ebook platforms tend to show a higher buying habit of women and this is confirmed by various reports. This also appears true from facebook related data. However, men have significantly fewer interactions with books in almost all categories compared to women. The data also suggests (from book based website advertisers and an article on the website details this), that men and women spend an equal amount of time on ebook related websites (not facebook). This suggests that men are less likely to interact with ebook related material on Facebook or are not part of Facebook. Keep in mind that user base of Facebook consists of 54% women and 46% of men.

Page likes in the group range of 25-34 age were consistent and stable for both men and women. The men’s tendency to like a page was far less than women. Top categories included Barnes and Nobel bookstore, and the likes were: Number 1. Amazon Kindle with 354 times as likely. Nook followed with 354 times as likely to be “liked”. (women)

Other details and conclusion: Individuals of a higher age tended to use desktops, while younger people interested in e-books were predominately iPhone users. iPhone users were higher among women then men and this trend become further apart as age increases. The fact that older individuals are primarily on desktops is extremely interesting because some of our data show that websites only cater to desktops and are not “mobile,” ready. For example, www.bookrazor.com (one of the top websites listed for the older audience) is only usable on desktops. In the past two months, we have seen substantial increases in several categories. For example, there is a 10.77% increase in users within the United States. Regardless of these measures, they are closing their website because they are violating Amazon policies. From the analysis, it is suggested that this website is primarily composed of authors marketing their book (Note— their website closed because of review violations— read the linked article).

In Two jobs that were listed for both men and women was under the category, “legal.” In addition, not only are undergraduates more likely to read ebooks then the general population but there is some connection in this study that indicates readers tend to seek higher education.

Older groups were not assessed heavily. We noticed the trend that they seek free books and good deals. In fact, one popular website that is listed in numerous areas is ereadersnewstoday.com. This is another website we began gathering data on months ago and have tested ads on.  Although many of our employees that gather data are not required to list specific information unless it breaches certain categories— this website breached certain categories— the rate of older users on this platform was much higher than most. For example, 17.43% of users on this website are between the ages of 55-64.

The evidence regarding Facebook seems to be in line with other information and that is: 25-34-year-olds are the best target. More specifically, females— especially if you desire more facebook page likes and comments. This trend seems more elevated in females. One last point about the older group that is noteworthy— although they do not make up a large sales portion they do have an elevated tendency to like pages, leave comments, but the reality is that just aint where your buck is! A study recently released suggest that many publisher is trying to lure the younger audience into the e-book world. This study is undergoing– not complete!

Digital Media to Promote Ebooks, and Audiobooks! (Steps and Data)

How to Use Digital Media to Promote an E-Book or Audiobook in 2018

Do you think about the new ways to promote your upcoming E-Book or Audiobook? Are you confused about the “ways” to help a successful launch? We got you set right here! This article will guide you through the entire process on social media. Keep in mind that there is not a magical formula for overnight success; in fact, it requires consistent efforts and the proper application of the process, but this guideline will help.

  1. Activate yourself on the Web
    Register a domain under your name. For example ‘www.BookAuthor.Com’ and then get a web designer to create a beautiful 1-page website with content about you, upcoming Books or releases, images of yourself and a contact form. 

Codex Group studies publishing trends and did a study on 21,000 book shoppers. It might surprise you to find that 7.5% of these book enthusiasts had visited the author of their purchased book in the last week. The study refers to a good comparison— only 7% of individuals have visited Wall Street  Journal in the past week! Point— a website can be beneficial.

In addition, 38% of those who had visited an author’s website were more likely to buy books from other vendors and sources. 43% of “respondents” purchasing fiction books were found to be excessively interested in the unpublished content of websites. This includes posts by the author on a website, information about book publishing, and even book signings. A blog on this website recently discussed email marketing, and this proves to be an active strategy and another good reason for building a website.

Social Media can prove to be very effective. However, a well-renowned author and publisher, Annik Lafarge, says that one advantage of a website is that it has SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This tool alone is very powerful, and it is something not that is not as common with social media.

  1. Go Social Immediately
    Identify the social channels where your audience is and create the pages under the same name as your web domain. Once you have created those pages, start inviting your friends to like/follow the page and request them to further share it with their friends and ask them to follow/like. This will increase your audience size on the pages organically. 

Book Business Media did a survey and found that 68% of publishers showed a profit from social media (end of 2014). This figure is above direct sales and online bookstores. However, it has to be done right, and as easy as it seems— it isn’t. Define your audience. If you are an Indie Author, do not just start a campaign to advertise. Instead, look at the demographics, age groups, type of books, and even the reading devices that would be used. All of the latter factors are a couple in a million points to pay attention.

  1. Start Posting Content
    Once you have some audience on your pages, you should start creating content to post. When it comes to creating content for social media you should be spontaneous and entertaining. Allow people to connect with you and encourage them to share your content. One good idea is to include videos that give a brief overview of an upcoming book and what aspired you to write it, some quotes out of the book, pictures, but make it entertaining! Remember that most popular form of content today is video. Text is no longer a big winner in the game of gaining sales; either you create videos or have alluring images. 
    Note: quality is always superior to the quantity. Don’t bombard your pages with numerous updates every day or people will start disliking you. Make your posts count! Make them high quality and attractive!
  2. Reach Out to Bloggers
    Bloggers are the celebrities in the digital world, and each one of them has a loyal community of followers which has devoted readers. Identify the bloggers in your niche who have a sizable audience, find their social profiles and websites to determine their following. Once you have a list, reach out to them and make a deal for a potential collaboration for your book’s promotion. Get them to write a blog post and create social media posts. This gives your book a good boost and more attention. This will also generate more followers for you that could possibly buy your book. Note that this should ideally take place 10-20 days before your book’s, ebook’s, or audiobook’s launch.
  3. Leverage Facebook Groups
    The beauty of Facebook groups is that they still have 100% organic reach. That means you can connect with thousands of group members without spending a single penny! Identify the groups that are relevant to your niche, join them and start creating conversations about your upcoming book. This will allow you to interact with a like-minded crowd and give you a chance to get them to follow you.
  4. Use Instagram Hashtags
    Instagram functions a bit differently than Facebook. First, it is a visual only platform, secondly, it relies heavily on the hashtags and last, (the best part) its organic reach hasn’t died. Identify some hashtags relevant to your niche, and use them in every post. Also like other people’s content who have the same hashtags and follow them with the intentions that they will return the favor and follow you. This is the fastest way to build your followers base, and it is a great social media tool. We talk about social media and the effect of pictures in another blog.

These are few of the tactics that can be beneficial to promote an E-Book or audiobook. Applying these steps will help turn your business into a win!

We would love to have your feedback on this post and feel free to add anything that you think we have missed.

If you are an author, planning to launch a book, feel free to message us! We are always excited to work with individuals to promote their ebooks and audiobooks!

How to Ensure That Your Manuscript is Properly Edited

The Trust of the Editing World

I have been editing multiple manuscripts since this business began.  Our sister website (mynarrationstation.com) is already in place, as we get our main website calibrated (marketingindieauthors.com). Lorri Heneveld (my primary audiobook narrator) and I have recently discovered something frightening!

Editing of manuscripts is pitiful! I am not talking about just little grammatical errors like even I occasionally make; we are finding that almost all of the manuscripts we have worked on have had massive amounts of grammatical errors. This is understandable because these books are freshly-written, and it’s the first time they’ve been reviewed by an editor— right?— wrong!

Editing is a service that is going to improve tremendously, as our company grows and expands. Currently, I read and do content editing on at least four books a week. This is a lot of work, and my involvement in this area – although it has been brief – has been very eye-opening. It has come to my attention that publishing companies have been charging authors large fees for editing services, and handing back manuscripts that have not been formatted or properly edited.

If you talk to a traditional publishing company, they will explain that their editing process can involve four to five editing steps, at least. Our company has only two editing steps (grammatical and content), and 90% of the errors we find are errors that the other editors missed!  However, we go way beyond this! We include notes from the author and will revise the manuscript again after the author has made alterations. Why am I talking about this, and what has got me so on-edge?

Let me be clear:  I do not recommend that authors use Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, or any similar freelance websites, to get their books edited. My dad has always said, “You get what you pay for.” If you want dirt-cheap editing than you are going to get dirt-cheap results. Be careful, when you involve yourself with editors from third-world countries. No; not all of them are bad, but most of them are trying to make a buck. We have seen terrible results from these freelance editing sites!  Keep this in mind:  If your editor is from a foreign country, there will be cultural and language differences that will cause errors in the content and grammar of your book.

If you want a trusted source that will give you the correct information regarding professional editing for the English language, please check out Writers Market. They produce a book each year that details publishers and exclusive information about the editing process. In my opinion— and many others, in the world of literature — Writers Market exemplifies the best practices of the publishing world. If you are an author who is considering using a professional editor, I would — at a minimum — check out this link; Writers market data on costs !

Our company (marketingindieauthors.com) offer great editing services for a very small fee, and many people come to us for editing. However – whichever editor you choose – be careful! I advise you to not pay the editor until you see what is being done. What we generally do is edit a small portion of the manuscript, then get the author’s pre-approval, before we edit the remainder of the document.

To those individuals and companies who are scamming authors for editing— Shame on you! What is wrong with you?

Is Amazon the Best Platform For Your Ebook or Audiobook

Amazon is the Best?

Yes, most of the blogs focus on Amazon, but almost all of the information has a general relation to other platforms. However, one reason I am hesitant to release data regarding other ebook and audiobook services is that because many of them are just beginning to evolve and the direction they are heading is not a certainty.

Amazon may be difficult to deal with at times but I am positive they will continue to monopolize the market and be a leading force in the ebook and audiobook industry. I hear a lot of complaints, but I set these issues aside because I have followed Amazon closely for years. They are here to stay and will only implement changes when absolutely necessary to sustain their control on the book market.

Apple and Amazon held a monopoly that ended several months ago on audiobooks. They had an agreement that kept publishing agencies from being able to use either platform for their books. This was a big problem! Why? If Amazon and Apple are exclusive to each other and only allow audiobooks that they control; this puts publishers at odds. Well,— One press in Germany got tired of this— they filed a lawsuit. The European Union forced Apple and Amazon to dissolve their contract and this had an effect on their worldwide policies. Point— they see everything— they are aware of people’s complaints— and they are going to modify their services to ensure that they remain number one. However, I am not saying they do not have competition.

I would like to mention one ebook publishing website that I have a done a decent amount of research about and find to be highly useful. It is www.draft2digital.com . Honestly, I have only used it once and it is too soon to see what type of results will come from this. They offer services that branch off and submit your book to other platforms. This is a seemingly good deal. It is something you should check into and it is something I am keeping a close eye on.

There are many platforms out there and I encourage you to be careful. Some of them are not worthwhile.

An Underestimated Way to Advertise Ebooks and Audiobooks!

Something Most People Never Consider

There is a platform that is rarely discussed in the marketing of ebooks and audiobooks. It is a growing platform that should be used much more as a platform for selling your material. It averages 25.25 billion views a month and is the second largest search engine. Last month visits were up 12%. Few people know how to leverage views and it is not for every book, but it can be highly useful for many. The bounce rate is at 27.1%, mobile and desktop usage is almost split, but most importantly— 16.34% of views come from America. Although this A LOT of people, there Is something to consider regarding your ebook or audiobook… Could I speak to other audiences interested in my subject?

Now you are probably wondering what website I am speaking about? You may have an idea… this full report is being released to email subscribers only…


Amazon- Ebooks- Audiobooks- False Reviews and New Policy- What You Should Know!

What You Should Know About Illegal Amazon Marketing

I received a disturbing email from an author that claimed my analysis of the Kboards article was inaccurate because Amazon does not allow advertisement on third-party platforms. I am here to tell you she is 100% wrong and kboards is 100% acceptable to use for advertising. I will give you a link at the bottom to add assurance.

Amazon recently released information that particular third-party websites were considered illegal by their terms. Why is this? Well, a few websites required that you write a set amount of reviews before enabling the reviewer access to all of the tools on the website. Amazon is not against ads on other websites, nor are they against the promotion of your book. But they do have a problem that they insist be addressed. They fear that customers will be swayed to write a positive review based solely on website’s forcefully nature to do so or websites inept nature of encouraging and guaranteeing some form of positive reviews. The evidence overwhelmingly suggests that these type of platforms give much higher ratings to books than the average consumer would give.

Third-party platforms are extremely necessary for promoting specific books but do not engage in websites that center on getting reviews that are guaranteed to be positive based not on your book’s content but based solely as a marketing technique. It is 100% okay to advertise. Do not worry friend, you are doing nothing illegal. If you fear you are, I encourage you to reach out to Amazon… And I did just that. Although I felt that the employee I spoke with was rather ignorant on some of this topic, he did assure me that there was nothing to be worried about. He did not understand the specifics but reiterated the direct message of this article and that is, “Paying for reviews are not allowed.”

Of course, Amazon wants you to use their advertisement system but it is not very effective for a lot of books. They realize that advertisement on other websites will occur and they have allowed it. They should. It brings them more money! Advertising books on other platforms bring them income from sales!

The only advice I give you regarding this matter: Do not seek false reviews. Even if you get a substantial amount of false reviews that say great things about your book— bad content— bad editing — This will continue to pull your book down and because of this Amazon has in-placed these guidelines. They want reviews that reflect the book or ebook.

The Women’s hostility was not what encouraged this article. No.  It occurred to me that other people might not understand the principals that I am specifying right now. I hope this helped any individual that is confused by Amazon’s policies that were changed in 2016.

Also, understand we do a large amount of social media. We will be developing a section that caters to that subject.


Website That Discusses Websites that Cater to False Reviews




Tactics and Statistics that Will Help You Market Your Ebook on Amazon and other Platforms

READERS Average Age and Male or Female Targeting in Relation to Ebooks

We have an extremely large database of information that looks into websites, their potential, statistics, and we even go so far to see what others have written. Yes, we look at customer reviews on their website, but we also look into information on other web platforms dictating other advertiser’s experience. Before we dive into age and the trends they have, I would like to make something clear:

Although you may pay 20 dollars for advertising and only make 10 dollars back, there is a more important detail to consider: If you are receiving reviews then it is worth it! Reviews on Amazon and other platforms increase the rank and offer you a higher potential for further sells. A lot of people make their book free with hopes that they will get reviews. One tactic I use with my clients is put what is called a “Call to Action.” This “Call to Action” says, “Please Review the book.” As simple as that seems, it can often get results.

NOW, what about age groups? Age 25-34 make up almost all majorities of website platforms that advertise books and caters to readers. If you are looking to write a book and profit, I would suggest that you focus on topics and substance that would interest these readers. Not only do these platforms cater mostly to the age of 25-34 but this statistic is globally excepted. From some statistics of websites and the percentage of those in the age group; we found the data to be consistent: at 26%, 29.86%, 24.79% and so forth in that age range. This is the area that dominates readers. Although these are the age groups, who is actually buying the books?

Our statistics show a very interesting trend. Although women buy and read more books than men, our data shows that most websites devoted to the promotion of author books and readers have a split audience. For example, a website called www.discountbookman.com  has 59.93% males and 40.07% female audience. www.booksprout.com has 51.16% male audience and a 48.84% female audience. This is an ongoing trend throughout our research.

Therefore, targeting females within the age range of 25-34 would likely be most profitable. In addition, 7% of college graduates are digital-only readers when compared to the 3% who have not graduated from high school. Ages 65 and older are much less likely to purchase an ebook or a book in any format. These factors are all important when targeting your audience. Among women, Caucasian women read the most, followed by African American women. These details might help your aim.

This article makes a point. Statistics matter. Of course, there are a million other things to consider: What devices are used or average income level, but this is a great starting point. Perhaps you are in the ebook business to make money— well these statistics should help. Or maybe you want to ensure your advertisement to individuals is spot on. This information should prove very valuable!