Twitter’s Effectiveness in Book Marketing vs other SMM Campaign Tool?

The data suggest that Twitter is the preferred choice when doing social media marketing. This article will explain how to be successful in SMM. The sources come from both verified websites and academic journals. This article will erase your skepticism about Twitter’s effectiveness as an SMM campaign tool.

Conversion Rate on Social Media Platform Doesn’t Mean Higher Revenue

If you research Social Media Platforms’ effectiveness, you will discover a chart similar to the one below. (The data in the chart delegates information on a broad level and does not relate solely to book marketing). The data in this graph distinguish Twitter as having the lowest amount of conversions (4%) but it also suggests that awareness is high (92%). Twitter’s Effectiveness in Book Marketing is from proliferating high awareness.

(Look at the graph below.)

It would not surprise me if most people thought Facebook or YouTube brought in higher revenue than Twitter. Short-term, it does. It has a higher conversion velocity. That is not a point anybody is denying. If you want a long-term audience and profit that extends beyond immediate conversions, the subject becomes more complicated. Why? Twitter establishes an audience base, a following, and data shows fan popularity and people’s interest (long-term) in most commercial items (In this case books) brings more money. How does establishing a fan base make Twitter a good SMM campaign tool? (YouTube is discussed in a related piece but they have not yet released it)

In 2009 Nielsen was compiling data that showed content marketing (Content marketing is about social media as the driving force in creating creative and unique ways of engaging an audience) is vital for the success of the book industry. This would suggest that Facebook or YouTube was not a wise choice for books. This data and the study by other groups would conclude that direct marketing a book or ebook for conversions was not the most successful approach.

The following discusses twitter’s effectiveness and why Twitter is a good SMM campaign tool:

Creating Communities

Stephen King released a book called The Wind Through the Keyhole with the publisher Hodder & Stoughton. Before the release of the book, they had formed a community for Stephen King. The goal was to avoid using social media for immediate conversions. Instead, the entire purpose was to get people involved and create a community that was both loyal and supportive. Twitter is essential in creating such communities but this brings a relevant question. Do these communities bring profit?

Diverting money to help build an audience that supports the writer, an audience that likes the work, and includes the Author’s involvement (even limited involvement) has more results. We know this book marketing tactic as content marketing. Content marketing is Twitter’s stronghold and makes it the best SMM tool for book publishing! Instead of providing conversions, it generates audience participation and interaction. In the case related to Stephen King’s book, the creation of audiences with tools like twitter was more valuable than people realized.

Stephen King’s book sold out in paperback editions and hardback, quickly. They built a community around him and instead of focusing on conversions, the publishing house spent money building his fanbase. It worked very well! Engaging with an audience that likes your work results in high profitability. This is a singular example of countless. Twitter aims to create your audience and build your image!


Twitter is valuable in creating a community that will propel your sales and gives you visibility. There are more tactics and the evolution of book marketing is continually creating methods to advance the author’s book sales. Despite continual advancement in other marketing methods, growing author communities, as discussed, is a permeant fixture in the building of your author image. Twitter is highly effective in benefiting an author as a great SMM campaign tool!

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Inkitt Struck Gold For Authors

Inkitt is Gold for Authors

I have a website GOLD for authors. If you are curious about what type of readers want your books or short stories, this is a must! https://www.inkitt.com! It allows authors to discover their audience. The website has a lot to do before I would consider it fully operational. They need to allow readers the capability to read without signing up directly. Their updates have been positively fascinating because they give author’s information about their audience. What is the information they give?

They have the technology to analyze who reads your book by showing – gender, the speed in which readers goes through your book, a graph that displays how many stories were read, chapters of the book read per reader, age, location, and this data is provided without a fee.

With this information like this, you can understand who your audience is and how to go forward with your stories. Understanding this information is valuable in marketing an author’s work. I have been writing lots of short stories, and that allows me to cultivate data about my audience. Why write something that nobody will read?

If you have a chapter book, you will know which chapters are skipped or read. This data will show if people finish your book or if they stop reading at a certain point. It gives you all of this data! The software isn’t perfect, but it is a step in the right direction. Analyzing this can be effective in growing an audience.

Getting Noticed on Inkitt

How do I get my book noticed on Inkitt? How do I get readers to look at my stories? Yes, you can send your collected emails to this website, and this will give you a wonderful bump in understanding your audience. Remember, that reader’s have to sign up and not all of your fans will do this.

If you do not have an email list, what do you do? That is fine too. Tweet your stories, place them on Facebook, or share them in a Facebook group. The most successful way of getting readers is by going to Inkitt’s Facebook page and posting your book to readers. This feature will boost your reads substantially!

Continually Visit Inkitt

You also need to visit the website and check your data a couple times a week. While I have no hard facts to confirm the following, I believe they give book priority based on the activity of the individual on the website. By continually visiting Inkitt, looking at data, posting in the blogs section, and perusing some activity, your book is more likely to be read. You are also establishing yourself on the platform!

How is This Data Valuable

The data this website collects will allow you to pinpoint your audience and write in a way that directly narrows in on the most popular style and format to gain attention. You can compare your paranormal horror book to a horror romance you wrote (for example). This data is gold when you market your books. I am a big proponent of using tools like Google Analytics, but if you don’t like those platforms… OR if you want something more direct, this is it! If you already know who your audience is; it makes the process much easier. Go Inkitt!


Real Secrets to Making Your Writing Sell

I Market Books and Now Market My Works As An Active Author

Okay, I promised everybody that I would update you on how I’m marketing my work as an active author. I am going to demonstrate that I can use my own techniques to be successful. When I ran a book marketing agency. People the team dealt with were particularly difficult because they did not understand or/nor accept basic concepts. Their logic is they have a good book. Put it on Amazon and watch the money flow in. It doesn’t work like that. The average cost for a book launch is 5,000 dollars but I have both displayed and spoken of ways to successfully lower costs. This is going to be the ultimate guide to spending very little and obtaining excellent results. I am going to do it and not just write about it. In my business, I did everything I could to help authors profit. In this current era, well-written books alone cannot sell— marketing is necessary! However, no crappy book is going to Sell regardless of how much money is sunk Into marketing. Let’s get this article moving on and start getting to points that people are unaware of!

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The beginning of the Blog for REAL ACTIVE AUTHORS

This is For Active Writers Looking for Guidance! I have good news!

(Not for One Time Authors)

This is the start for a category dedicated to authors who want to make a career out of writing.

To begin, I have ended my business. After conducting book marketing for a lengthy period of time I was able to gather a fund that is now driving my real desire— selling my own books. I needed a sufficient amount of money before I could embark on this journey because it is not a one-step process. For a long time, I have given people advice on this blog on how to make your book successful and I stand by that advice. However, there are methods and information that is needed for an author to be successful. This is geared to authors who are frequently creating new material. This blog and subjects are not for the one-time author. This blog and the provided data and advice go together. However, if you are a very active writer, this always needs to be step one! I am going to begin a new tab that will be about what I am perusing that is certain to drive sales. If you are an author that is making book after book, this is for you!

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How to Know if A Self-Publisher is Scamming You

More Authors are Using Self-Publishing


  According to one study, the growth of self-publishing in 2017 (the latest credible statistics) for authors was between 12% – 33%. With more people using self-publishing, it is necessary to discuss how to know if a self-publisher is legitimate. This article will guide you from any publisher that is scamming you.

   More people are trying to be successful authors and some of them have prevailed. A study by Browker estimates out of the 786,935 books published in 2017, 20% of the authors were self-published. This article discusses self-publishers that offer deals to individuals eager to publish their books. Are these authors making money and receiving credible self-publishing deals?

Traditional Press? Self-Publishing? Where is The Income?

    About 1% of authors made over $100,000 in self-publishing. (2014, 2015) What about the other 99%? According to one study in 2017, 25% of the remaining authors received no income from their publication.

     If you are wary of self-publishing or don’t want to take the risk, maybe a traditional press is an appropriate choice. While they might offer a profitable avenue for your book, authors using Traditional Presses are seeing less profit each year. One reason for the decline in Traditional House Publishing is that they don’t offer as much money for a signing bonus as they once did. In, 2018 the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society reported that professional authors have experienced a 42% decrease in profits over the last ten years. This would set the median annual income of an author using Traditional Presses at slightly above $10,000. It is also noteworthy that while income is on the decline, according to the Authors’ Guild, individuals that self-publish still make about 58% less than traditional publishers. Despite these facts, it can be very challenging for a first-time author, or any author, to get a contract.

Looking At Watchdog Companies

    How can you recognize a scam? To begin, it is essential that you research the publisher with watchdog companies that can provide information about their credibility. Do not make a choice before researching. It is easy to fall victim to publishers’ dazzling website designs and promised results.

      One reason it is important to do your research is that new evidence shows a troubling sign from the Philippines. Foreign countries will sometimes create websites that look authentic and scam you, taking your money, and providing nothing in return. That is just a fraction of the problem. You also have to pay attention to the self-publishers who promise results that never come.

Self-Publishing Company Investigated

     With the self-publishing industry growing 28% in 2017, according to ProQuest Affiliate Browker, it is understandable that people want data on self-publishers. Many prominent groups that support the authors state that statistics regarding self-publishing companies must be investigated before releasing the payment. I agree.

   I evaluated one self-publisher through three different data collection agencies. A lot of conclusions were reached and if you follow my blog, you know that I want verified data! What did this verified data say?… I discovered that the publisher was attempting to target first-time authors and spending advertisements on Google Adwords.

Their beginning self-publishing plan is 3,299 dollar and the only advertisement is with Facebook and Twitter. There are no details on whether they place the self-published book on their own feeds or spend money to help market. In addition, the author receives 60% of the royalties. From what I saw, the self-publishing they provided was elevated in price, by far, compared to other self-publishers. Further, I looked at 5 random books in their bookstore. The marketing website did not rate any of them on their website platform nor were there any comments. 4/5 were on Amazon with one book having 2 ratings, and one having 7. The rest had no reviews. 

When picking a self-publisher that promises to help you achieve your goals, it is important to research the company and validate their acclaimed credibility. If you cannot find any material stating good experiences or bad, don’t risk it. You should also be wary of customer reviews posted on the publishing websites. Just because they’re posted a comment, it doesn’t make them real.

A Good Ebook Marketer Could Take Own Advice

Prove To Me That You Can Market A Book

    It has been a while since I have updated this site with a report on the progress of the publication of my content. I want to reiterate for those who have not read the past two articles, I have marketed ebooks for a substantial amount of time, but could I take my advice and be successful? People seem to have no problem telling you how to sell a book– but what do they really know? If you are familiar with this website, I always test out theories myself to ensure their validity. These past several months I have entered into the world of literature as I prove my point that the right strategies will not only work but make you money.  I am doing very well with my writing. There are two reasons I have not had the time to provide an updated article until now (I apologize). 1. This project dominates every second of my time. 2. I have to be confident about everything I suggest as truths. There could be a variety of factors that interfere with my results. While I am never 100% certain of any outcome, I would like to get as close to 100% as possible. From all of the marketers that promise you success, how many of them do you think were personally successful? To prove that My success in the last month I would like to present a graph of the previous month. That month is the one reference of books downloaded on Smashwords for free. There are a variety of websites and platforms I have used other than Smashwords. I have also been very successful with apple and Barnes and Nobel.

    Recently I have been narrowing my strategy as I advance my focus on obtaining monetary assets. I have received a high volume of email subscribers, substainly increased my ranking on Google, received favorable reviews, and written enough content to establish myself. I have said in the past that Draft2Digital is easier to use than Smashwords and I stand by that statement. However, Smashwords has a much larger audience, and the ability to gain momentum with your book is far greater with Smashwords. MUCH GREATER! I have not looked into draft2digital in the past six months, but from the few updates I have received, they still fall far behind Smashwords.

    I have mostly taunted Amazon and its system to drive sales in private, but I would like it to be known that I do not think they are anywhere near as good as writers believe they are. Why? First, they are entirely geared towards serving the customer and themselves. The company does the bare minimum to stay at the height of power over other companies. I thought it was a shallow move to retract full payment for books based on percentage read. Half a penny per page is ridiculous. Regardless of their tainted ways,  their presence is required in the long-run. Not typically as much in the short run. As I began, I did not rely on them AT ALL. As I discussed in the last article, I was building up my email list of followers. Social media was also being developed (Articles will detail this further down the line) and it is still under review. I have two books on KDP and several books on Amazon. However, all of my books became listed on Smashwords. I wouldn’t gain anything from Amazon at the beginning of writing career. Why? There are many reasons but let us focus on one crucial aspect: Smashwords is geared to serve both the author and the reader. They do a better job at it. Amazon suggests a retail price of 2.99, but that makes no sense to anybody BUT THEM. I am confident that this corporation was involved in the marketing and advisement of 2.99 being the average selling price. While I don’t have proof, I am reasonably sure that 2.99 is the most effective way to drive revenue into Amazon’s coffers. The price 2.99 often can mean very little when pricing your book. I go into more detail later in the article.

The Main issues to Discuss Catagories and Keywords

    The main issue I want to discuss is the categories that you chose to place your books in and keywords. Keywords (SEO) had very little weight in my overall efforts and is likely to be the same for you. Amazon seems to weigh keywords a little more heavily than Smashwords. My analyses got determined by multiple tests of search from random browser Ip addresses. The SEO provided in Smashwords is effective in delivering readers from search engine results to your book or books.

    You want to pick categories that are not heavily trafficked. By doing this you give your book a fighting chance, and in Smashwords, this is particularly valuable. While the subject must pertain to the manuscript, do not place it in a broad category. If you do listen to this advice, the chances of success will become much slimmer. I wrote many manuscripts that I tested under different genres. Stories that received high marks and ratting from reviewers were downloaded less when they were placed in large categories compared to stories that did not have as good of reviews but were in particular genres. Those of you who write horror need to heed this advice because I noticed that most of the horror categories on both Amazon and Smashwords led to poor results despite reviews. Pick genres that are discrete but still pertain to your subject.

    Using this strategy enabled me to get my book to number one in the category. Doing this was not easy to do, and I promoted the manuscript on the social media I had established. No friends or family participated in getting it to number one. I did not spend any money. This guide is how to get your book to number one for the least amount of money spent. (This guide is to prove if you take the time and effort you can succeed) The book that ranked number one was also not KDP select. The ranking for your book, as I have discussed before, is based on both sales and views.  It remained in number one for almost an entire day. A screenshot will validate this truth. It is in this article. I was able to do this because I placed it in a category where I was only competing with several thousand individuals on Amazon.

    There are many other strategies I applied that could relate to this subject. For example, I made sure to include all of my writing in a “series.” By posting them in a series, their visibility would be higher. When I did publish a book for free on KDP Select, it gained lots of downloads but gained no reviews or strength. People tend to review far less when they don’t have to pay for a book. The main reason for keeping a book in KDP select is to gain that half a cent per page read. I even combined several short stories into one book and posted it on Amazon to collect continuous revenue from readers.

    As I began to get popular, I received an invitation from Google Books and Google Play asking me to be a member of their (Currently) restricted member community. This email happened recently, but as one would predict, it immediately affected the search engine results of my content. The next article will discuss a website I started, why I started it, and the advantage. Every author should have a webpage but not just any webpage.


1. One thing that is wonderful about Smashwords is that they both allow books to be free and allow people to download the book WITHOUT signing up for membership. These details will become more advanced in future articles.


3. Your cover matters. I see so many people who spend a lot of money on covers that won’t work. I had clients that insisted their cover would sell. What sells? Nonfiction and Romance should include a clear face pic of somebody sexy (also erotica, obviously). Readers connect with the pictures, and having a “Busy,” cover is the worst type. Half of the covers I see make me dizzy.

4. STOP PRICING YOUR BOOKS AT INSANE PRICES. When I was marketing several peoples books, they insisted on very high prices. It is all about supply and demand. Who do you think you are placing a manuscript at 2.99 when there are a million plus books out there just as good with lower costs. I started pricing with .99 cents and based on the results I tweak the price. If people respond to a book, then yes, raise the price. You will make more money in the long run by placing a book at- .99 cents. If you take this initiative, I would highly suggest that you use both Smashwords and Amazon. What is wonderful about Smashwords is that they have a category for 99 cent books and the commission they remove is far less than Amazon. Amazon is a bully.

This is my guide to every author who wants to self-publish and not spend a penny on advertising their books. My advice does not mean it is going to be easy. I got up at 4:00 a.m. to finish this article and will have a full day. It is a lot of work in the beginning, but it gets easier.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 10.39.47 AM

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 4.57.35 AM